It's time to ramble; also asking for middle school coaches' help

I've been touching the local base for the past few columns, but now it's time to go ahead and give my thoughts on some of our college sports seasons getting ready to start along with thoughts on the upcoming National Football League season, and Major League Baseball playoffs.

It's funny how time flies the older you get. It seems as if I was just attending the Boys Sweet Sixteen yesterday.

Attention Middle School coaches

With the middle school sports season beginning, we ask middle school coaches throughout our coverage area to send in game information from their respective sports teams so we can post the stories in The Times-Tribune.

Any coaches or parents that also want to submit pictures of any respective middle school sporting event, we will make sure to put them in the paper along with their respective sports stories.

Game information and pictures can be sent to Emily Adams at or Les Dixon at

Major League Baseball Playoffs

I know we're still a month and a half away from postseason play, but it's never too early to talk about just who will reach the playoffs.

Let's start off with my favorite team -- the Atlanta Braves.

The Braves are one of the most talented teams in the majors, but the problem and Achilles' heel will be their relief pitching.

I do believe Atlanta will reach the playoffs, and even win the National League East, but wouldn't be surprised to see its run end in the Divisional Round.

I just don't have faith in the Braves' relief pitching. This team will win a World Series in the next five years, but it won't be this fall.

So who will win the National League? I'm going with the obvious choice, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Dodgers have it all and have been the most consistent team in the National League.

Atlanta could be their biggest threat, but I'm thinking of a Los Angeles/Chicago NLCS matchup.

What about the American League?

It's Houston's title to lose.

Look for the Astros and Yankees to meet in the ALCS with Houston coming away with the series win.

The Astros will continue their success in the World Series, and bring home another championship.

National Football League

I'm not going to pick a Super Bowl winner, but I will go out on a limb and predict how my beloved Cincinnati Bengals will do.

Brace yourselves Bengals fans, this could be a long season.

AJ Green continues to fight injuries while Andy Dalton just isn't a top tier quarterback. Combine that with an unstable offensive line and a defense that doesn't look improved, and you have a recipe for disaster.

New coach or not, Cincinnati isn't going far this season. Look for the Bengals to finish with a 4-12 mark.

Kentucky Wildcats

Mark Stoops has done a fantastic job during his time at Kentucky, and many believe the Wildcats have enough talent to make another run at a bowl game.

But I'm going to beg to differ.

Kentucky graduated a lot of talent off last season's team, and I'm just not sure the Wildcats will be able to grab eight, seven or even six wins.

I'm looking at a 5-7 mark for Stoops' squad this season.

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