LONDON — With the recent guidelines stating that June 15 will allow for low-touch, outdoor youth sports to resume throughout the state, North Laurel and South Laurel Little Leagues are preparing to offer local youth a full little league season.

Last weekend, North Laurel Little League President John Allen and South Laurel Little League President Quentin Floyd met with other District Little League Presidents concerning little league baseball and softball games being played this summer and to help determine the best approach to starting the season.

Floyd said that the goal would be to have all kids registered and drafted into teams before the start of the season so that teams could begin practicing as early as June 15.

“The goal would be to draft all the kids before the 15th of June, that way we can actually start practicing the 15th of June,” he said. “Then, what we’re looking to do, I think Little League recommends at least two weeks of practice, so we would do two or three weeks of practice and then looking to try and play around the first of July or in that time frame, maybe the week of the fourth of July or week after, that’s something we’ll individually decide as a board on the day we want to start but I think as a whole, everybody is trying to start those first practices around the 15th of June.”

Allen agreed that North Laurel Little League would also be working to have everything ready to go by June 15 to ensure that players and coaches could begin practicing immediately.

Though an official start date for games has not yet been set, Floyd said he expects South Laurel Little League to begin games around the beginning of July while Allen said North Laurel Little League has not yet made a decision on when the league will officially begin games.

Allen and Floyd said that though the two leagues do plan to offer a full season, it may not look like a typical little league season, with social distancing guidelines expected to be in place to keep parents, coaches and children safe.

“There will be some guidelines and stuff like that that we’ll have to follow but they’re supposed to be working with us on those guidelines, so we’re still waiting on those exact things,” Floyd said. “When games start, hopefully we can be better prepared on how we’re going to set things up to make sure that we’re following those guidelines and doing those things that we need to be doing.”

The two leagues are also hoping to offer All-Star district and state tournaments for baseball and softball, though dates for those have not yet been locked in.

“The way we were presented it was that Kentucky is still on board to try to do district and even possibly state tournaments,” Floyd said. “That obviously depends on how the next few weeks go and then once the season begins. If we were able to do All-Star tournaments, we’re looking at maybe mid-to-late August for district and then if we’re able to do to state tournaments, we’re looking at September.”

Both North Laurel and South Laurel Little Leagues still have registration open online and are encouraging parents to continue signing their children up.

The website to register for North Laurel Little League is and the website for South Laurel Little League is Online registration will remain open until June 1 for South Laurel Little League.

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