CORBIN — The Lynn Camp High School gymnasium floor has a fresh new design that will catch your eye as soon as you walk in.

Gone is the white paint in the lanes while the colors orange and white now adorn "The Cat’s Den" floor.

“We're simply trying to update and renovate all of our facilities in an attempt to show our kids, community, and surrounding areas how invested we are as an administration in providing quality facilities and programs,” Lynn Camp athletic director Rob Ledington said. “Our faculty continues to improve along with our facilities, and hopefully this combination will attract some athletes from surrounding areas who would rather play than practice only. And, naturally, we want to continue to build on the momentum and excitement we have experienced over the last few years.”

Ledington said a collaborative effort from many folks including Knox County Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles and Principal Anthony Pennington was put together for the final design of the floor, which includes a unique orange and white checkerboard on both ends of the court.

Although Ledington said he’s not a University of Tennessee fan, he does like the new checkerboard end zones.

“I do love the design with the checkerboard end zones,” Ledington said. “With our recent success on the basketball court, maybe our design will add some marketing value to the University of Tennessee, which in turn may elevate their program to our level of play.

“The adage, ‘when you look good, you feel good, you play good’ is certainly true, especially with impressionable teenagers,” he added. “In a day and time when video, images, and emojis dominate conversation and communication, a picture or image says a thousand tweets.”

Ledington said new goals, energy-efficient LED lights that turn on and off automatically via motion detection are some of the other new additions to the gym along with video cameras that capture audio throughout the entire building and a new heating and cooling system.

“A new and different floor and facilities reflect a new and different Lynn Camp,” Ledington added. “Go Wildcats.”

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