Local amateur motocross racer Sean Haymaker punched his ticket to the 2020 Monster Energy AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee after taking fifth place in two different race classes at this past weekend’s Ironman Amateur Regional Championship.

Haymaker has been competitively motocross racing for over a decade now and is considered one of the top up and coming young racers in the southeast.

This will make Haymaker’s fourth trip to the national championship at Loretta Lynn’s but will be his first trip in three years, making this a special trip for him.

“It means a lot because I put all my work into it all year training and that’s the one race that we look forward to,” Haymaker said.

After a few years of what he called some bad luck, Haymaker was finally able to qualify for the national championships once again after taking fifth place in 250B Limited and 450B Limited in this past weekend’s race.

“I’ve been pretty confident with my riding,” Haymaker said. “I’ve been training in North Carolina through the week, so I came into that race with a lot of confidence and I felt like I was going to qualify when I was there. I had a couple crashes but I still was able to get up and back up into a position that was able to get a spot at Loretta’s.”

To prepare for the national championships, which are set to take place at the beginning of August, Haymaker has been training on his dirt bike three to four days a week while also putting in a lot of cardio work.

“Loretta’s is one of the toughest nationals of the year and one of the hottest and a longer race than compared to normal,” Haymaker said.

In the national championships, Haymaker will be competing against over 40 of the fastest motocross racers from around the country in his class which he said is a huge honor but for Haymaker, it isn’t about just racing with the top racers, he hopes to be on top.

“I want to be up there and be up front and be the fastest, for sure,” he said. “My goal is to mainly just be consistent. I would like to be inside of the top 10 in every moto. I don’t want to be outside of the top 10, I’d like to get a couple top five. I’ve never been inside the top 10 at Loretta’s.”

His other goal is to catch the eye of the sponsors present at the race with the hopes of getting himself a sponsorship that can help him in his dreams of going professional.

“That’s the goal is to have someone pick me up and get a factory ride,” he said. “Hopefully I can get that done and turn some heads.”

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