PLAY BALL: Corbin Little League baseball and softball action set to begin on Monday

Corbin Little League's baseball and softball seasons are scheduled to begin Monday. | Photo by Les Dixon

CORBIN — Corbin Little League President Jeff Chadwell confirmed on Friday that baseball and softball action remains on track to begin Monday at Corbin’s Rotary Park and the Corbin High School Softball Field.

After seeing teams put in a lot of work during their respective practices since June 15, Chadwell said he is excited to see the season begin.

“We are happy to be able to provide the opportunity to the kids to play baseball and softball while being able to get out and be active with their friends,” Chadwell said. “That’s something most of them didn’t have the opportunity to do for a couple of months. I had some coaches tell me that they could see it on kids’ faces how happy they were to be practicing and interacting with others.”

With baseball and softball practicing the past two weeks to get ready for league play, both coaches and players had to the new guidelines that were put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It has been a learning process for everyone, but with that said, everyone has adjusted well to the new guidelines. Our coaches are wearing their masks, and have had some fun with it by having masks made with their respective team’s logo on them.

“I know the coaches and players are anxious to get back to playing games,” he added. “I talk or text message with most of the coaches almost daily, some of them multiple times, and they are excited to play.”

Chadwell said currently Corbin Little League has a combined total of 22 baseball (16) and softball (6) teams that will begin league play next week.

“On July 5, we will be adding six tee ball teams to that total,” he said. “That will be six leagues total.”

And with the teams, comes sponsorship, something Chadwell said ended up being a pleasant surprise.

“We all know the effects the pandemic has had on many businesses throughout the country, including Corbin, but we didn’t have any problems retaining our sponsors, and most were eager to continue to do it,” he said. “I appreciate and want to thank everyone that was able to sponsor teams this season. I know it has been a tough past few months for everyone, and to be able to have every team sponsored is a blessing.”

Chadwell said regular season play will run until mid to late August, and that the usual number of games scheduled is on par compared to season’s past in each respective league.

“We are keeping our fingers crossed for All-Stars, and hope to host a tournament or two,” he added. “But the biggest thing is that the kids can get back on the field and play baseball and softball with their friends.”

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