CORBIN — Corbin wrestling competed against both Bell County and Whitley County during a Tri-Dual Meet at home last week.

The Redhounds picked up a 60-24 victory over Whitley County before tying with Bell County at 42 apiece.

“We had a tie against Bell County but they actually got the tie breaker due to two forfeits we had at 120 and 165,” Corbin coach Chuck Davis said. “We actually won seven matches to their five that were wrestled, but they had the two forfeits and due to wrestling criteria for tie breakers, after five sets of criteria we were still tied and on the sixth criteria, which is the least number of forfeits, they broke the tie.

“Good night of wrestling. Some of my younger kids had to step in and wrestle due to some injuries, but all in all, the coaches are excited at the direction and progress we have made so far this year,” he added.

“We are taking some of our middle schoolers to regions in Winchester to see if they can qualify for state, which is being held at the Corbin Arena again this year,” Davis continued. “We are also taking some of our girls to a tournament in Harrison County this weekend. It’s hard to be in multiple places but we are trying to grow our program so we are dividing and conquering.”

Corbin 60, Whitley County 24

106: Abraham Sell (CORB) over Blake Bargo (WHCO) (Fall 0:00); 113: Dawson Goley (WHCO) over (CORB) (For.); 120: Elijiah Pirani (WHCO) over Teryl Ramsey (CORB) (Fall 0:00); 126: Wesley Meadors (WHCO) over (CORB) (For.); 132: Hughston Anders (CORB) over (WHCO) (For.); 138: Stephen Brent (BJ) Jackson (CORB) over Jacob Parker (WHCO) (Fall 0:00); 144: Cyrus Greiwe (CORB) over Andrew Sears (WHCO) (Fall 0:00); 150: Joe Wall (CORB) over Valora Sears (WHCO) (Fall 0:00); 157: Ryne Warren (CORB) over Brenden Hopkins (WHCO) (Fall 0:00); 165: John McIntire (WHCO) over Abriella Sizemore (CORB) (Fall 0:00); 175: Max Cathers (CORB) over Chris Colyer (WHCO) (Fall 0:00); 190: Seth Jones (CORB) over (WHCO) (For.); 215: Braedyn Grubb (CORB) over Gentry Patrick (WHCO) (Fall 0:00); 285: Eli Bolton (CORB) over Payton Lawson (WHCO) (Fall 0:00).

Corbin 42, Bell County 42

106: Jordan Muncy (BELL) over Abraham Sell (CORB) (Fall 2:58); 113: Shelby Collins (BELL) over Chloe Hensley (CORB) (Fall 3:41); 120: Matthew Dowlin (BELL) over Teryl Ramsey (CORB) (Fall 1:10); 126: Alexis Holman (BELL) over (CORB) (For.); 132: Isaiah Troutman (BELL) over Hughston Anders (CORB) (Fall 2:29); 138: Stephen Brent (BJ) Jackson (CORB) over Matthew Howard (BELL) (Fall 4:48); 144: Cyrus Greiwe (CORB) over Milka Woodring (BELL) (Fall 5:59); 150: Hayden Canady (BELL) over Joe Wall (CORB) (Fall 3:37); 157: Ryne Warren (CORB) over Johanan Woodring (BELL) (Fall 3:19); 165: Daniel Thomas (BELL) over (CORB) (For.); 175: Max Cathers (CORB) over Nick Borecki (BELL) (Fall 0:42); 190: Seth Jones (CORB) over Nathan Ramsey (BELL) (Fall 3:36); 215: Zayne Hammack (CORB) over Dalton Simpson (BELL) (Fall 1:26); 285: Eli Bolton (CORB) over Braydon Thomas (BELL) (Fall 1:05).

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