Recently, Regina Petrey Bates Bunch Huff posted a picture of my office on her Facebook page depicting my political yard signs for Biden, Carolyn Willis and Matt Anderson. She stated "Let me be clear, if you support Biden, you couldn't possibly support me!!"

Let me be clear, I do not support her and an accompanying article explains some of the reasons why.

Contrary to the posts on her Facebook, I am a lifelong Lincoln Republican since I was able to register to vote. Louie Nunn for Governor was the first campaign I worked in. I have voted in more Republican elections and for more Republican candidates than my detractor.

However, I, as everyone, have a Constitutional right in any election to support and vote for whom ever I want. I plan to vote for Joe Biden and it is disgraceful that an elected official would attempt to disparage me for exercising my Constitutional right of free speech, to vote, to campaign for the candidates of my choice.

Always voting the party line is why we end up with bad officials. Exercise your right to think and then vote.

David O. Smith


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