For many years Knox County Help operated the Senior Citizen Center in Barbourville, providing homemaker services to seniors and delivering meals to individual homes. Funding for these programs has been continually reduced over the past few years, creating serious financial problems for Knox County Help. Towards the end of 2018, the Knox County Help Board realized they could no longer afford to operate the programs. When Mayor Thompson was informed of this, he reached out to KCEOC Community Action Partnership to see what we could do to help. We met with the Cumberland Valley ADD, which provides the funding for the programs, and the Knox County Help Board, to assess the status of the programs. The discussions included determining what was needed for KCEOC Community Action Partnership to begin providing the senior citizen services beginning January 1, 2019. The KCEOC Community Action Partnership Board of Directors felt that these services for the seniors in our community are a critical need. It was determined that just to maintain the present services a significant amount of additional funding would be needed in addition to the funding provided by the contracts. The Board also felt strongly that the services needed to be expanded to help more seniors.

The KCEOC Community Action Partnership Board and staff agreed to take over the services provided we could solicit enough additional funding to cover the expenses. We made it clear to the Mayor, the Knox County Judge Executive, and the public, that we would need everyone's help in securing the funds needed to cover the expenses. In addition, once the basics are covered we would then look to expand and add services for our seniors. We knew going in that there would be a shortfall and after providing services for seven months, we have determined that the expenses will be around $95,000 and the contract income will come in $65,000, leaving a deficit of approximately $30,000. The Knox County Fiscal Court and the Barbourville City Council have each graciously donated $2,000 so far this year, leaving us with an estimated shortfall of $26,000 that we need to secure.

If you care about these services being able to continue, we need your financial support. We appreciate the donations of food and other items that are used at the center but the hard costs including salaries, utilizes, vehicle expense and other expenses must be paid for. Therefore, we are asking you to make a tax deductible donation today to KCEOC Community Action Partnership for the Senior Citizens Program. You can send a check to KCEOC Community Action Partnership at PO Box 490, Barbourville, KY 40906. You can also bring it by our main office on 25E in Gray, KY where you can donate cash, check or charge to a credit card. Please designate on your donation that it is for the Senior Citizens Center Services.

The KCEOC Community Action Partnership Board of Directors will be making a decision between October and December as to the viability of us continuing to provide these services. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Senior Citizen Programs please call our main office at 606-546-3152.


Paul D. Dole, President/CEO

Greg Helton, Board Chair

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