My vote is not for sale. Not for sale for money, whiskey, cigarettes or drugs. My vote is not for sale for the promise of socialized medicine or the promise of socialism. No Republican candidate has ever promised me anything but an opportunity to make a living on a level playing field. That is all I have ever wanted.

I noted in 1964 that LBJ promised to end poverty and keep us out of Vietnam. He lied.

In 68, Humphrey promised to continue LBJ's Great Society programs and get us out of Vietnam.

In 72, McGovern promised that every man, woman and child would receive $1,000 (one thousand dollars!!!).

In 76, Carter promised to fix the economy and bring peace (he gave away the Panama canal and deserted our ally - the Shah of Iran).

Mondale promised everyone everything. Fortunately, he only carried a few states.

Obama promised us cheaper healthcare and peace in the Mideast.

Clinton's lies were so numerous I've omitted them.

All the American people need is opportunity for education, a sense of responsibility and self-reliance. We were taught in the 50s and 60s that we were as good as anyone but no better than anyone else. Thanks to our upbringing and the examples set by our parents and other kinfolk, our votes were never sold.

Don't sell your vote for the promise of a socialistic country where slightly over 4 percent of the people will be a small, rich, upper class and over 95 percent of the population lives barely over the poverty level. This has happened in every country that has embraced socialism.

My vote is not for sale.

Charles Hayes


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