Benjamin Franklin once said, "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

Parents may tell their children anything they might need to know, but if students are not taught how to do certain life tasks and are not involved in completing them, then it is not helping the student get ready for the future.

There are many students in the community that do not know or would not know how to handle certain aspects of life after high school. Several students are very dependent on their parents, so once they graduate some students seem lost.

In order to come to a resolution, students need to learn how to budget, communicate, and how to manage the stress that comes along with life.

First, students need to learn how to budget. If students are taught how to create a budget, they will not go over the amount of money they have total. Certain things in life are not free, so with that being said, a budget may help with various bills or other simple things like groceries that your child might have or need. For example, if the student has $500 for the month, then the student needs to write down every bill that is due that month and add the costs together. If the bills add up to $350, then they have roughly $150 for other expenses like textbooks, gas, or groceries.

Secondly, communication is an important aspect of life that we use every single day. However, some students do not know how to communicate properly. There are several types of communication; one example is business communication. This type of communication may help some students get a job after high school if they decide to apply for one. Sometimes when we communicate, we do not always get the points across that we intended to. With this being said, if students learn how to properly conduct a conversation with another person, then this will make other aspects of life easier as well.

Third, managing the stress that comes along with life is essential for students to learn before they graduate high school. How to handle the struggles that are thrown at you is an important thing to know, considering responsibilities can easily hit all at the same time. Throughout my high school career, I have learned that time management can help resolve stress. There were days when I would have dance practice, church, and homework; the first thing I did was make a "to-do" list and give myself a certain amount of time to complete each task. However, if I was unsure about what to do, I would ask one of my family members. Downshifting can sometimes be the correct answer.

In order to give assistance to the students who do not know how they will manage life after high school, a course should be required at their school that covers different aspects of life. Corbin High School is now offering an elective called "Life 101," this is where students learn how to pick what career path would be best for you and how to achieve goals throughout your life. Since this course is new, there aren't many students who know about it. However, I would like to encourage schools across the Tri-County area to include a course like this into their curriculum. When students jump into senior year, several are unsure about what they would like to do with their lives. This would be the students' last bit of instruction until they take the next step in life.

JoEmily Miller


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