Every morning, I have to drive from London to Corbin. I have to drop my sister off at her school in the process of driving to my own school. One day when we were driving to school, the interstate traffic had stopped. I look ahead and I see that a Penske truck had wrecked on a bridge! The truck had the left side of its wheels hanging over the divider. We were stuck there for at least an hour. This incident caused both me and my sister to be late for school.

This happened because of road construction. Although road construction is much needed, excessive road construction is dangerous, aggravating, and time consuming.

First off, excessive road construction can be very dangerous due to clustered roads. There are always big trucks and semis on the interstate. The road always seems small with them on it as it is, but when you add to the mix of narrow road work, the roads seem even smaller. Road bumps, potholes, workers, and cones always seem to be an issue as well. I've almost hit cones that were too far over on the roads many times. Inexperienced drivers are also on the roads. When they're in that mess they can't function because they're so anxious of not hitting anything.

Secondly, excessive road construction can be aggravating. My mother and father always worry every time I get on the interstate because they think somebody will wreck. When there are anxious drivers driving through the construction, they start to worry even more. They then will overthink their decisions and could potentially cause a wreck. Excessive road construction can also be aggravating if there is work being done on numerous roads. This causes tendencies of being late for work and other things involving time.

Moreover, excessive road construction can be very time consuming. Not only for us citizens but for America in general. One simple stop in our morning routine could throw off our whole day. So when we get stopped in traffic due to construction, what does that do for us? It throws off our day by causing us to be late for work, school, etc. When that happens it sets us back on our tasks for that day, which stresses people out even more.

So how do we fix this problem? Simply work on one road at a time, because we do need it. But we cannot have too much of it. Working on one road at a time provides us many alternate routes. This will make traveling less dangerous, our days less aggravating, and our time more abundant. Excessive road construction is an issue. If we can simplify it down then it will have a positive effect on everyone.

Nicholas Orr


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