One issue of concern in our area is gas prices. Why can't they just stay the same for a week?

Gas in Corbin fluctuates about every day, and gas prices during the holidays seem to always raise. It seems about every gas station in Corbin has different prices, and it is exasperating that they can just change it. This makes it an already existing problem harder on people when it keeps changing in our community.

First, gas prices fluctuates daily. You can go out one day and gas prices be $2.20 then the next day you go out it will be $2.08. They can't leave it the same, whether it be the entrepreneurs or the government. And even the government should not be able to just raise the gas prices up like that. That would be like going to Kroger and marking up the prices for food every day and restaurant owners doing the same thing with food every day.

Second, they shouldn't be allowed to raise gas during the holidays. It's not right because how are families going to afford it when they are having to buy gifts for their kids and family. This makes it financially harder for families during that time. So it should at least go down during that time so families will have some relief and not have to worry about money. That should be time for them to worry about spending time with their loved ones.

Also, why is gas cheaper on one side of town than the other? You can drive to one side of Corbin and it be high, and go to the other side and it be 6-7 cents lower. It fluctuates too much between each gas station.

I believe that gas prices should stay the same no matter the conditions. You really can't plan how much gas money you need going on a trip. If it stayed the same here in Corbin, Kentucky, life would be easier for the people in our great community.

Zachery Frechette


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