Our citizens of this great country are selecting which laws to obey and ones to disobey. It's amazing that in a few short decades our country has slid down a slippery slope that will eventually bring our whole system of government to its knees. Just because we don't agree with the rules and laws on the books that are law does not give us the right to break them. If we don't agree with them, then we have a system of checks and balances to go through the process of changing those laws legally.

Take for instance the immigration laws on the books have been broken for decades and that is why we are in the predictive situation we face today. Cities, states and even churches have decided that they are above any immigration laws on the books and become sanctuary entities breaking the laws of our land rather than trying to change those laws in a legal process. There is a reason for such laws and they protect our citizens from harm and our country from being overrun by undesirable humans that want to tear down our form of government. Why on earth would any American support anyone that would tear down our flag and hang it upside down below their flag?

My ancestors came to this great land to practice freedom of all forms. Some came over on the Mayflower and others came through Ellis Island legally. They fought many wars and some died never to enjoy our great freedoms. My ancestors have skin in the game and deserve their Freedom because they fought for it and obey the laws of our great country. When we break the laws then we pay the penalty. We all can be redeemed and forgiven for our sins and still enjoy our great freedom. While we may not understand some of the laws we must strive to be good law abiding citizens and go through the legal process to change things we don't like. Not break the law and force others to their view or beliefs.

American principles are based on Freedom to believe what we want and be different if we choose. No one can force you to be like them, even though we have people today that are actually doing that. They are closed minded and don't respect our American Values and want to force you and me to be like them. I don't think they understand the principles of Freedom or care to. They just want to be disruptive and prevent us from enjoying our rights and beliefs under our American Freedom. While they do have a right to their opinions and can protest in a legal manner obeying the laws. They do not have any rights to beat me with clubs, spit on me and rip my American Flag from my hands. If you beat or spit on me then I will use the full force of my right to defend myself and others. So don't tread on me.

While I do wish for everyone on this earth to enjoy the Freedoms I have, I will not stand by and let anyone tear down what my ancestors died for, nor will I stand by and let you harm innocent citizens of any land, if I can I will stop you.

If you are an illegal immigrate in my country, you should have to follow the laws just like I do or pay the penalty. If you are an employer and you employ illegal immigrates then you should have to pay the penalties of which may include some or all the following. Breaking immigration laws on the books, you may also be breaking more laws such as mail fraud, tax evasion. Keep in mind if one of those illegal immigrates commits murder then you should also be held accountable for harboring fugitives and be civilly sued for damages. I guess you never thought of that, breaking one law can lead to others being broken as well. If convicted you should go to jail, just like any other citizen that breaks the law.

If you do employee illegal immigrates do you pay them a fair wage? Provide them health care, a 401 K, housing and health care? I'd say most of you law breaking employees exploit them for your own personal gain. Why hire an American citizen when you can hire ten illegal immigrates and get rich. Then you have the far left wanting to provide free health care for illegal immigrates. We all ready let them attend our schools, might as well give them free money and pay their car insurance since we let them get a drivers license. The problem is you want me to pay for it, while I can barley provide health insurance for my own family. It's time for these illegal practices to stop. That's why we have Green Cards to allow those that obey our laws a path to citizenship.

For now we should set up safe havens along our borders to protect immigrates while they go through the legal process of becoming an American Citizen. If you are an out law and do not wish to follow our laws then you should be deported right away. Gangs should be put in jail. While I feel for the children, it's not our fault they are detained behind a fence, those people choose to come here illegally, we can't simply let those wonder around and be exploited by criminals. Catch and release does nothing except to encourage more people to come across our borders illegally.

Open borders is not an answer but the down fall of our society. Allowing anyone anytime to come into our land unchecked is a recipe for disaster. When they show up on your doorstep and kick you out of your home and move in and sleep in your bed, it's too late to do anything about it. I don't understand the reason for an open border. I'm just a dumb poor tax paying law abiding citizen that has allowed these practices to go unchecked. I guess I truly am a deplorable.

These are my opinions, you may not agree with them, I do exercise my American Rights to express them.

You may email me (lksears@gmail.com) your opinions or disagreements, if you disrespect me then I'll give it back.

Kent Sears


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