Erin Cox

Last week we made the announcement that The Times-Tribune was having to move offices and reduce print days, which has been met with many people expressing sadness and frustration that this is happening.

Trust me, no one feels this sadness and frustration more than those of us who work here.

We work hard to bring you stories about your community, children, grandchildren, your organizations, churches and businesses daily. Yes, daily - we update our website each day. We take pride in our jobs and we care and that’s why we continue to bring you the news.

We are your neighbors, your friends, your fellow church members. We aren’t some people that you don’t know. We tell you stories about our cats, dogs and growing families.

I am in the process of buying a house in Corbin. After three years of working and living here, I found my dream house, a fella and his son who have made this town impossible to leave. I always wanted to be in the mountains anyway and this is my home now.

Staff Writer Angela Turner has lived in the area for 20-plus years and is settling in with buying a home in Corbin as well in the coming weeks. She’s been with us over four years.

Staff Writer Jarrod Mills just joined us last year, but he grew up in the area as well, attending Whitley County High School and the University of the Cumberlands. He is searching Corbin for a place to rent this month as he lives in the Tri-County already but is looking to settle in Corbin.

Nighttime Editor Brad Hall and his wife just welcomed in a baby boy. Brad lives in Corbin and has been with the Times for 11 years.

It may seem that sports writer Les Dixon lives on the sidelines of your athlete’s games, but he does have a home in Corbin, where he’s lived for 15 years. He lived in Laurel County before that and has worked with The Times and The Sentinel for 19 years.

Lisa Harrison, one of our fearless advertising representatives, grew up in Corbin and currently lives in London. In total she has 28 years as working at The Times-Tribune.

Trish Humphrey, another of our ad reps, has worked at the Times for 28 years and been living in Corbin for 45 years.

Our circulation clerk, Renee Smith grew up in Corbin and still lives here. She has been at The Times for 25 years.

Shari Sevier, who is our production manager now, grew up in Corbin also, graduating with Lisa at Corbin High School. She lives in Corbin still and you’ll always find Shari at the Corbin High School football games on Friday night. She worked at The Times-Tribune for 23 years before going to work at The Sentinel-Echo for 16. Now as we have combined offices, she is helping us get both newspapers produced each day.

So while we may no longer have an office in Corbin, that doesn’t mean that our Corbin coverage will change. Our staff is made up of mostly Corbin residents who spend all our time here anyway. And our staff will be working from home some days so that they can be ready to get to the action quickly in Corbin and Williamsburg and Barbourville. We continue to provide the best Tri-County coverage around.

We know it’s sad that you won’t have a physical copy of the newspaper as often as you used to. I would love to get The Times-Tribune in your hands every day because we work hard each day to keep you informed and I want you all to read the stories we’re producing.

However, we do provide up-to-date news every day on our website, We post more online than you ever see in the newspaper and as a subscriber, you can see that as soon as it happens.

We are also looking into providing an e-edition on the days we don’t print. It’ll look like a newspaper that you will get in your email or on our website, where you can still get the top stories of the day.

But if you aren’t a computer of cellphone person, getting our newspaper twice a week is still more than you’ll get from any other newspaper in the area.

Please, stick with us as we have with you through this pandemic.

The Times-Tribune has been providing all of our coronavirus-related stories for free online by marking them as breaking news so it’s not behind a paywall. We have provided lists of businesses that were open during the COVID-19 restrictions and their hours or various ways they were operating. We did this online daily and in each print newspaper.

We have been there for our community - supporting our businesses by providing these free announcements, offering our stories for free because it is crucial for the public to have this information and we did this all while having to handle staff furloughs ourselves because the pandemic affected our revenue as well - since advertisers understandably stopped advertising when they couldn’t be open.

We are at your kids games and programs in the evenings and on weekends, we attend your events, we share your stories. I think having a newspaper tell the story of our community is worth a $12.75* subscription for a month.

The people I listed above who get paid by your support deserve more than that in my opinion but we appreciate every chance we get to tell our communities’ stories and be part of that story.

We are Corbin’s and the Tri-Counties’ biggest cheerleaders.

Please remember that when you think about keeping your subscription as we try to survive this pandemic and economic climate as well.

Erin Cox is the editor of The Times-Tribune and The Sentinel-Echo. She can be reached at 606-528-7898 or


*This orginally said $13.50, but apparently a subscription is even cheaper than I thought.

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