THE PREACHER'S DAUGHTER: <span>An Easter dress for Miss Wealthy</span><span> </span>

Erinn Williams

Like clock work they dwindle in. Backpacks are put away followed by coats. Lunchboxes are stowed on a shelf.

The preschool school day soon begins.

Some 20 tiny humans gather on a rainbow blocked rug. Eager, excited, ready to start the day.

Classroom jobs are assigned. The pledge of allegiance is recited. Attendance is taken. Those absent are listed in a heart on the board.

The magic happens shortly after.

Whomever is selected as the classroom “well wisher” for the day stands in front of the class and asks them to place their hands over their hearts.

“Oh we wish you well, oh we wish you well, all through the day today.... oh we wish you well...”

Those absent from the class are listed within the rhyme and upon their return to class are welcomed back.

Thursday afternoon not one child was absent, yet Thursday afternoon thousands were “wished” well per the prompting of a 5-year-old child.

She raised her hand and then asked a question.

“Can we wish all the soldiers well? They’re a long way from home. That could be scary.”

My co-worker and I were speechless. Both she and I had to fight back tears.

So upon her request — we did just that. We wished all of the United States military well.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we could all wish each other well?

Such wisdom and grace from a child.

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