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Brian Theodore

The other day I watched one of the governor’s weekly conferences. I rarely catch his little communications to the public, but I have heard a lot of people talk about how pleasant he is, while at the same time trying to take away our civil rights; similar to Mr. Rogers with a hatchet behind his back.

So, I was a little curious.

Here is what I observed: He is sincere and doesn’t seem to have a secret agenda; he is following guidelines that other governors (Republican and Democrat) in other states are following; he has a dedicated, thoughtful team (it’s not just him and his ego); and he doesn’t blame, rather makes suggestions and takes actions that might improve our situation while keeping his state informed.

I like our governor. I’m not a Democrat and do not agree with everything he does, but I agree with his positive, calculated effort. I guess I am more like my father before me. My father told me once that because he did not subscribe to a specific party, he was able to support the best candidate.

That made so much sense to me, because at times I couldn’t rationalize who was getting elected and why. Think about dear Matt Bevin. In a vindictive act of retaliation for losing his office, he released over 300 drug offenders, as well as prisoners convicted of crimes such as manslaughter, murder, and rape back into Kentucky’s society. To this day, people I consider rational and intelligent friends still say that he was a good governor, knowing even before his revenge decree, he childishly, sometimes viciously verbally attacked civil servants from nurses to teachers to judges.

However, our current governor “requests” that people wear masks for the safety of others and themselves in the midst of a pandemic, (following guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control), and he is accused of trying to suppress people. Imagine if he didn’t suggest that people wear masks: they would say he was heartless for not caring enough to propose the action our government health organization suggested.

I don’t think anyone could win with this kind of logic.

Basically, whatever our current governor does, to many, he will be wrong. Not because he is actually wrong, but because he is not a Republican. While that doesn’t make sense, it’s true.

Let’s back up for a moment and talk about the mask: If you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. I don’t always wear a mask. If you have to wear a mask at work, it is because your boss is making you, and his boss or company is making her. It’s not some radical conspiracy created solely by the governor of Kentucky that is turning into (once again) a Republican and Democrat thing. I have decided I am going to make my own club. I’m going to call it the Common Sense Party.

The following is the Common Sense Party’s stance on masks: “It is suggested by the CDC that wearing face masks 'may' help prevent the spread of Covid-19. If your boss tells you it is required, then you should probably wear one while at work; otherwise, if not at work, think for yourself. Also, do not subscribe to silly conspiracy theories that you are a sheep if you decide to wear a mask. No one knows where this virus will take us, regardless, please use common sense over condemnation to determine what you should do regarding your face covering…or pretty much anything else.”

Sadly, the candidate for the Common Sense Party will not win any office, because generally people do not vote for the best candidate, they vote for the party, regardless of a candidate’s ability or morality. I don’t mean to sound restrictive, but there are only two real parties, and in reality, political leadership is not a state of affairs that should be limited to two factions. There’s a lot of gray in our world. That gray is important and often lost in the battle between left and right.

In conclusion, I was impressed with our governor when I stopped to listen to him, his calm, pacing intention, imparting a sense of process. I don’t think his sincerity is fake. And if things like wearing a mask is a person’s biggest concern with our governor (not the party), then he is doing well.

The Common Sense Party supports him. (However, said benefaction does not mean, by any legality, the Common Sense Party is aligned with or synonymous with the Democratic Party or any faction opposing said party).

Brian Theodore is a language arts teacher at Corbin High School and lives in Corbin with his wife, who is also a teacher at CHS. He can be contacted at Theteachersdesk.theodore@gmail.com.

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