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Erinn Williams

Most of my life I’ve been drawn to unique and charismatic people. The type of people who march to the beat of their own drum. That hasn’t changed much well into adulthood. I still love a good comeback story. I root for the outlaws. I cheer on the underdog.

The church is a place where “unlikely angels,” those charismatic folks who’ve lived and lost, sometimes land. We are better because of it. Those folks are treasures.

Given I’m a pastor’s kid, I’ve seen lots of unlikely angels take their seats quietly amongst the congregation. The impact of their profession of faith is immeasurable. I’m fairly certain they aren’t even aware of how much they mean to the onlooker. Their witness much like that of a phoenix rises to the occasion out of ashes and leads others to Christ. It’s magnetic and it’s authentic.

Sure there will always be doubters, but it’s the persistence that outweighs the skeptics. Just this past Sunday I got to give one of those unlikely angels praise. I’m still not sure I used the right words to convey what their witness means to so many, including myself.

The Bible tells us we will entertain angels unaware, perhaps it’s the transforming grace of those we view as the most unlikely vessels that the good Lord allows us to encounter.

If you find yourself lucky enough to meet one of these courageous and valiant souls, look them in the eye and shake their hand. Just beneath their wings chances are there are scars. Isn’t it good to know God honors obedience and forgives our past.

I’m grateful for a lot of things this life offers. Pretty sunsets, the laughter of a baby, and flowers in spring. I’m grateful for the unlikeliest of angels just as much, and the long line of believers just behind them they’re leading into the arms of Christ.

Boom! That’s the best sight this side of Heaven.

Erinn Williams is originally from Williamsburg, and now resides in Owensboro, Ky. The daughter of a teacher and a preacher, she hopes to make a difference through her words. She serves as a teacher's assistant in Daviess County, and writes for two newspapers in Western Kentucky. She can be contacted at

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