<b>Meet 'Maggie'</b>

One rainy night this past June, a shy and scared tabby cat showed up at our apartment. Soaked from head to toe, she cowered beside our outbuilding in the back yard. My husband who is allergic and very vocal about his detest for most felines felt the urge to provide a box for her to sleep in, shielding her from the heavy rain drops. That was June, this is October. The lost tabby now has a name, and a stack of cat food cans in our cupboard. Her name is Maggie. ROMP fest was in full swing when she showed up, so I named her after the bluegrass song "Little Maggie." We like to call her Mags.

She spends most days retrieving mice and voles from the corn field behind us. I'm less than thrilled with the various assortment of dead rodents that loiter our back patio, but I've always heard this is a good indication that she loves us.

My husband jokes that she's a "horrible" cat. She isn't super affectionate. She roams and leaves without and indication of when she might return. She vocally meows when she feels the need to vacate the walls of our warm home. She's a free loader, somewhat aloof most of the time, and she loves "Fancy Feast," but only that of the turkey and gravy variety. At times I think we love her more than she cares about us, but we'd be lost without her.

Maggie needs us for shelter, food, and companionship, but the truth is I think we need her more than any of that. I've now seen the softer side of my husband when he stands out in the yard and claps his hands with a flashlight, calling for her to come home late at night. The both of us rush out each morning to greet her and tap her paws. She's pretty much a part of our family now.

I've had a cat most of my life, my Persian lived to be 20 years old. Liney my Siamese still lives with my parents. Maggie is the first hopefully of many who will reside with us in western Kentucky. Some folks love dogs, some folks love horses, I prefer felines because to me they are most human like. Mags has proven that to us in the short period of time she's lived with us.

I would venture to say perhaps our next cat will bear the name "Polly." We need a "Pretty Polly" to join our "Little Maggie." My husband hasn't realized it just yet, but he's a "cat man" now. It's a beautiful thing y'all.

I hope each of you have a puuuuuurfect weekend! Meowy blessings your way!

Erinn Williams is originally from Williamsburg, and now resides in Owensboro, Ky. The daughter of a teacher and a preacher, she hopes to make a difference through her words. She can be contacted at erinn.williams2017@gmail.com.

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