THE PREACHER'S DAUGHTER: Margie made it home

Growing up my Mammaw Virgie was the type of woman who could either be found in the kitchen or on the front porch.

Some of my fondest memories growing up were gathered round the table on cold winter evenings after my great aunt Margie and my cousin WillaDean would stop in for a visit. Margie was my Mammaw’s baby sister and regardless how long they went in between visits, they picked up right where the left off each time they were reunited.

The summer months were much the same. We’d all congregate on the front porch until late into the night. If my aunt Wilma was home from Michigan that was always an extra special treat. The Rose girls, Virgie and Margie, would laugh and cackle while Wilma and WillaDean shared stories. That was summer on Mud Creek, that was my childhood.

Margie continued to call and visit after my Mammaw passed away, alternating between visits in Michigan with her children, and living on the creek. I would often visit my Pappaw and walk in to him talking to her on the phone holding it away from his ear when she would laugh.

Her laugh was my favorite and always will be.

She wore cream closed toe sandals, polyester pedal pushers, and carried a pocket book right under arm. That’s how I choose to remember her.

Margie Lowe was strong, raising her children and grandchildren up to do right by others and fear the Lord.

Having lost their mother as little girls, I immediately thought of how over joyed my great grandmother Mary must’ve been yesterday when her baby came through the gate.

Margie made it home.

I feel in my heart she’s laughing and rejoicing, entertaining the angels as only she can.

Erinn Williams is originally from Williamsburg, and now resides in Owensboro, Ky. The daughter of a teacher and a preacher, she hopes to make a difference through her words. She serves as a teacher's assistant in Daviess County, and writes for two newspapers in Western Kentucky. She can be contacted at

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