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Erinn Williams

I'm currently taken by a song by Christian artists King & Country. It's actually my favorite go to song for my morning commute to work.

The chorus of the song speaks of vowing to "step into a new day" a concept I take to heart each time I hear it.

"Burn the ships, cut the ties

Send a flare into the night

Say a prayer, turn the tide

Dry your tears and wave goodbye..."

Somewhat odd -- the concept of burning boats... the song captured my interest immediately the first time I heard the lyrics.

My mind wanders to what I envision my own boat would look like? I've been in many a Jon boat over the course of my life, so I suppose my boat wouldn't be a lavish yacht or houseboat. Never the less, my "boat" has gotten me from point A to point B on more than one occasion.

So why would I burn something that has carried me safely long distances and to far away places?

I think it's the fear of stepping away from what's familiar that scares us when it comes time to step out of our boat, and do the unthinkable -- burn it.

Somedays I think I've got it all figured out and I've long since burned my boat. I find it's when I try to resurrect the ashes, that I'm left standing on the bank starring at it all over again tied up and rocking with the waves.

I make promises to myself and to God and I break them over and over again because I can't stay on the bank and be content. Fear cripples me and I'm determined to get back in my boat, and row back out into situations or thoughts I vowed to leave behind.

Growing up I would attend JM Feltner 4-H Camp and canoeing was always a popular activity. I can still envision the shine of the metal canoes all lined up on the bank as the bus would roll into camp each summer.

Those boats were fun for a season, but the bank was permanent.

I have to examine my own footing sometimes and resist the urge to step into a seasonal "canoe." The bank I find myself on now is exactly where God wants me. I can't row back to where he's already brought me from.

It's time to "burn the ships" and leave them be. Regardless what boat you find yourself in, let go and let God.

You can't reach a new destination if you're heading back to an old one over and over again.

Send your flare up into the night, and step forward with no regrets.

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