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Erinn Williams

A friend shared a quote with me this week that has stuck with me. It came at just the right time, the right moment, after a trying day.

The quote by Victor Hugo is one to ponder.

“Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.”

What an astounding concept.

I let it marinate. I stewed on it. I wrote it down. I repeated it to myself just before bed.

God is awake, God is awake, my God is awake.

I think all to often we lose sight of the fact that we accomplish something meaningful every day. Granted it might not be a lavish feat, each of us in our own unique way accomplish something.

Maybe getting out of bed was your accomplishment. There are plenty who noted your strength and decided to do the same. Perhaps you arrived to work on time. Someone is watching you, the storm you’re walking through made them tired just thinking about it, and they admire the fact that you’re pressing on. If you held the door open for a stranger or waved a car on through in traffic, you possibly restored someone’s faith in humanity silently. If you used please or thank you in public, looked someone in the eye while you shook their hand, or kept a promise, you accomplished a great deal just in your behavior.

There will be days when you feel defeated, without worth, alone, tired, scared, and exhausted. It is on those days that I feel that God wants you to remember He is awake when we slumber, working out for us what we can’t work out ourselves.

It’s the “peace” part we wrestle with when we can’t find anything good about our day. I find it hard to be brave during trying moments, when you lay your entire heart out only to have it damaged.

Regardless what your facing or how far away your “peace” may seem, we must remind ourselves daily that our God is awake. Seasons whether they are good or bad or somewhere in between are temporary, but God is constant.

Give yourself a break, have courage, be patient, and seek the goodness of God during the moments you feel it easiest to give up.

You are destined to do great things.

Go to sleep knowing joy will return in the morning.

God is awake.

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