IN THE LOOP: The Butlers surrounded by loving, supportive people

If you peek at the barn quilt on the building, Cory made me that as a wedding gift for me last week. How much he knows what I like amazes me. And how amazing his barn quilt looks amazes me even more. | Photo by QR Photography

I'm now Mrs. Butler.

Well, not officially yet I suppose, since I still have to take the marriage license to wherever it goes next so they can decide if we are married or not. It probably depends on if they believe our officiant for our wedding who was ordained by Universal Life as he announced during our wedding.

We had the best day we could ever hope for and I'm not joking when I say that my husband made it better than I ever imagined. He gets so excited about things that it's hard to stop him from doing what he thinks is even bigger and better than what is planned, but he was right this time and he made it perfect.

I don't even know where to begin to explain how humbled I feel about the whole weekend and days leading up to the weekend. It all started on Thursday when two of Cory's best friends came to our new house for the first time and jumped on the mower to mow our yard and headed to our back building to help Cory fix it up before even making it in the house.

To have my closest friends from Ohio come down and do the same thing — help in anyway they could, take our photos, and I felt like I hardly even got to visit with them since we were trying to get everything together and say hi to everyone else there too.

I thought my friends from Ohio would be the only friends to show up for me, but instead I had my work family there and my friends I've made here and I can't tell you enough how much that meant to me.

But what really got me was my sister, who secretly got in touch with my parents, friends, Cory, his friends and family and had them write me letters. I couldn't even read the first letter I opened before the wedding because I started crying so I waited until after and I've never felt more loved in my life.

Those are the kind of people Cory and I have surrounded ourselves with and it is overwhelming to feel that love and support.

And as I hoped he would do so the attention would come off me, Caison, my stepson, stole the show with his desire to sing using the microphone during the middle of our vows.

Going back to our wedding officiant though, he was one of the guys who jumped on the mower and prepared our building for the wedding. Matt was asked probably three or four weeks ago if he would officiate our wedding.

He's one of Cory's best friends and I thought it'd be nice to have him tell something funny (about Cory) and then us go on to our vows and that'd be it. Matt, however, wrote a beautiful script that had me laughing, crying and so thankful he was our last resort, but wishing he was our first choice.

It all happened so fast I understand now why a video of your wedding is a good idea.

Now that the move to the new house is over and the wedding is over, I am so excited to just sit on the couch and relax for at least a week. I mean I really didn't want to come to work today (Monday) because I thought the couch was calling my name and I think this morning was the first breath I've taken after weeks and weeks of stress. In the month and a half that we've lived in our house, I think we may have sat on the couch for a total of three hours if that, so I'm ready to really break in the new house with some relaxing.

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