<b>Over the hills and to the finish line </b>

Erin Cox

The time has come -- next week will be our first week of printing just four days.

It's bittersweet as I am sad that you all won't be able to hold our newspaper in your hands six days a week, but I'm excited about the new possibilities of bringing you more in-depth stories in the newspaper as well as new features on our digital platforms.

The truth is that we are reaching more readers than ever through our digital platforms and it is time for us to be able to provide more in that fashion.

We will continue to post breaking news to our website as it happens. We will continue to update our website daily with new content. All the news you love to read about our community will be up to date on the website daily and will still be brought to you in our four days of printed publications. The Times-Tribune is proud to maintain our status as the leading provider of news and information in the Tri-County.

I have been working in recent weeks to prepare for this first week of printing on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and have planned for all of your favorite content to still be included in our newspaper.

On Tuesdays and Fridays, you will be getting almost double the comics and puzzles so we can make sure you don't miss a beat in your favorite comic strip and you can still have the same amount of puzzles as you have had with our six day publication cycle.

You will notice that on our entertainment page we will be eliminating the daily TV guide -- so make sure to keep your TV guide that is inserted into our Saturday newspaper handy all throughout the week.

In the place of that daily TV guide on the entertainment page, though, we will put those missed puzzles and columns that so many of our readers enjoy.

Your favorite columnists who fall on a day that there is no longer a newspaper, they will make their way to another day. Erinn Williams' column, The Preacher's Daughter, will be published on Saturdays and Jim Waters' column will be used on Tuesdays.

On the topic of columns, I know that I have some readers who are fans of one of our national columnists, Georgie Anne Geyer. In recent weeks her column has not been published due to her not able to write because of an illness. It is with great sorrow that I must tell you that Geyer passed away this week. We will miss having her voice shared on our opinion page.

With moving our columnists publication days around, I have found that it'd be natural to bring back our religion page on Saturdays. The religion page will have our Nighttime Editor Brad Hall's column and John Burkhart's column as well as the On Religion column that we started printing on our comics pages almost a year ago.

I have chosen to not continue to run the National Perspective column that you will find on today's comics pages. Since I began running it almost a year ago, I haven't found the content to be too relatable to our community, but if you enjoy it and will miss having it weekly, please feel free to reach out to me and I will try to find it a new home.

For the most part, all the regular daily content of our comics and columns will still have a home on our pages in the four day schedule.

And of course, we will continue to bring you the best and most timely Tri-County coverage on our news and sports pages in our four days of printed publications as well as digitally. If you are a print subscriber, you also have access to all of our content online. If you need help to set up your online account, give us all call at 606-528-2464.

So write yourself a note and don't yell at the mailman that he forgot your newspaper on Monday, but we will see you from these pages on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday or check us out online at www.thetimestribune.com any day of the week. As always, thank you for reading and sharing your stories with us.

Erin Cox is the editor of The Times-Tribune and The Sentinel-Echo. She can be reached at 606-528-7898 or ecox@thetimestribune.com.

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