THE PREACHER'S DAUGHTER: <span>An Easter dress for Miss Wealthy</span><span> </span>

Erinn Williams

I spend a lot of time outside. Actually during the summer that’s where I can be found on most days. Outside is where I do my best thinking.

I pondered this week on how caught up most of us are regarding the word “if.” I think it’s fair to say all of us have been left wanting something. If you’re anything like me, you’ve found yourself asking, making demands, mentally bargaining with God.

"If I only had this."

"If I only looked like this."

"If I only could own that."

If, if, if.

Maybe we’re missing the bigger picture?

Perhaps using the word “only” instead of “if” puts much more into perspective.

We only woke up today. We only have full stomachs. We only have clothes on our backs, shelter over our heads, and air in our lungs. We are blessed, "if" only we could realize it.

Life isn't always fantastic. Some days are harder than others. Some days are down right terrible. People are difficult, situations aren't always comfortable, and trials come and go.

Through it all, isn’t it remarkable how many of us muster the strength to stand, and face tough times over and over again?

"If" only we could be grateful for such grace, we'd realize we have all we ever really need, and that’s because of Jesus.

I challenge you this week to replace “if” with “only.”

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