HALL THINGS CONSIDERED: Sometimes you have to crawl to stand up for the Lord

Over the past eight months, everyone has been saying it — “Just wait until he’s crawling around.”

Now that our baby boy Jaxson is 8 months old, he has learned how to crawl around.

It’s not a full baby crawl yet where he’s completely on his hands and knees, but more like a belly crawl. It reminds me of the crawl you see soldiers do in the movies when they’re in the trenches of a war.

However you describe it or what you might call it, he’s crawling around and can get to where he wants to go.

Up until now, playtime mostly just revolved around him lying on his back, playing with toys, and listening to Mommy and Daddy talk to him. But now playtime revolves around us making sure he doesn’t bust his head when he rolls around, and making sure he doesn’t grab something he’s not supposed to when he’s crawling.

You immediately realize just how much you have lying around when you’re constantly on guard trying to keep Jaxson away from all of it. Any dog bone Skipper has left on the floor or any phone cord dangling too low will go right into the baby’s mouth if you’re not watching.

You also realize just how many hard surfaces and hard pieces of furniture you have in the house when Jaxson is crawling around. Any bump he makes to the wooden floor or any bump to the head he makes crawling into the corner of a table will hurt him and scare him and make him cry.

Regardless of how he does it or what his crawl might look like, Jaxson has been getting to where he wants to go and grabbing whatever he sets his sights on.

As Christians, it can be a crawl to get wherever God wants us to go or do whatever God wants us to do.

In our own minds, we shy away from listening to the Lord if we’re not able to hop and skip and just waltz our way to it. If it’s a goal that forces us to crawl on our knees, or even worse, crawl through the trenches, we simply shut the Lord out and tell him that it’s too much. That’s for other people to do and not for us, and surely God would understand that.

On top of all of that, we’ve been through a year where we’ve had to give up a lot of control and give up a lot of the conveniences we’ve been used to. So it’s simply been out of the question for us to give up more control and crawl to the Lord’s will.

But if you want to show true faith that is pleasing to God, then you have to remember that everything belongs to him. We surrendered it all the day we chose Jesus and asked him into our hearts. So surrender to him during all of your days — both the good days and the trying days.

Psalm 9:10 says, “And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.”

God has given us the ability to choose faith over fear, peace over worry, and eternal life over the temptations of this world. So even if it takes us crawling — even if it takes us getting down on our hands and knees — we have to trust and obey the Lord.

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