Annual parade kicks off 67th annual NIBROC Festival

It's Saturday which means it's your last chance to enjoy the fun and festivities of the 67th annual NIBROC Festival.

Vendors are all up and down Main Street, the carnival has taken over Depot Street, and other games and events have been scattered throughout downtown.

For me, it's a great excuse to cheat on my diet for a couple of days. I can take a quick break, sneak out the backdoor here at the Times-Tribune, and stroll right into what Guy Fieri might call "Flavortown." Delicious fried food is everywhere you turn and I love just about all of it.

Beyond the food, though, I've always loved the sense of community that the NIBROC Festival brings with it. It's a fun few days that invites hundreds of people to come explore downtown. Whether you want to hop on a ride, indulge yourself in food like I do, pick up a souvenir, listen to some music or just kick back and take it all in, there's a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy.

But it's really that overall sense of community that I love. You know for a few days that everyone is going to be on the same page. You know for a few days what is going to be on the minds of many citizens of Corbin.

Of course, I understand it can also be a bit of a hassle for many people too. Parking lots fill up and traffic has to be detoured. But I see those as only minor inconveniences when you compare it to the fun families and friends get to have this week.

It just seems so rare these days that we all come together for something fun and positive. It almost feels like we have to wait for a tragedy to strike before we take time out of our busy lives.

Thus, when an opportunity like NIBROC comes around, I always get excited. And it doesn't even have to be something as big as NIBROC. I always love whenever my family can all come together at the same time. Whether it be for a holiday, vacation, or just a random visit, it's always such a nice feeling when we're all together.

And this might seem like a polar opposite -- and hopefully something we won't be dealing with for several months -- but it's also why I enjoy snow days. Sure we might have to dig ourselves out of our driveways in order to get to work, but for the most part I think those days are fun and you also have that sense of community where everyone is on the same page.

Most importantly, though, we need this sense of community in our churches. The world has yet to see what type of difference we could make if we were all on the same page in Christ's holy name.

Romans 12:5 says, "So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another."

How awesome would it be if we were all working together to glorify God all week long instead of just a couple hours on Sunday? How awesome would it be if we made time for each other when we're outside of those church walls?

It's tough going out into the world alone and sometimes it's what we have to do. But God has also blessed us with brothers and sisters to go to battle with, and I think we all too often forget that. We should have folks we can lean on when we're about to enter a trial, and likewise, we should be ready and willing to support others who might have a job to do.

We also need to remember each other in prayer. Just like we might pray for our children and parents, we need to also pray for our church families. Even if we don't know what they're going through all the time, we can at least lift them up by remembering them when we enter the throne room of grace.

Events like NIBROC or a big family gathering are always fun to me because for a moment, friends and loved ones come together. We need to have that same sense of togetherness and community in our churches and remember our brothers and sisters at all times, and not just some of the times.

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