Brad Hall

In today’s world, we have many conveniences that help us complete our everyday jobs as well as keep us entertained. What might’ve taken us days or even weeks in the past, we can now accomplish in a matter of a few minutes or a few hours.

However, with all of these conveniences comes more distractions, and more ways to shift our focus to ourselves and away from God.

Our smart phones might be one of the main offenders when it comes to distractions. We’ll pull our Bibles out in order to study, but first we just have to check Facebook really quick. But pretty soon that quick check of Facebook will turn into a couple of hours staring at the screen.

I’m just as guilty of this as anyone. I’ll come across something political or a big news story, and after I read it, I have to go see what everyone is saying in the comments. Are they supporting whatever it is? Are they against it? Are they fighting over it?

After I read all of that, I’ll keep scrolling or move on to my other forms of social media like Instagram, Twitter or email. Then I might check out my weather app to see what the forecast is, and then I might open up Netflix to see what’s now available to watch.

By the time I’m finally finished looking at all of that, I’ve lost an entire morning and wasted several hours going down the iPhone rabbit hole.

That’s just one example though. There are many other rabbit holes we can go down that keep us distracted from our time with the Lord.

I’m often guilty of not feeling content if there is some glaring housework that needs to be done. Before I can sit down with my next devotional, I have to at least take care of the dirty dishes.

So I’ll leave my living room and enter the kitchen to load up the dishwasher. But then I see dust and debris in the floor that needs to get swept up. So after the dishes are dealt with, I have to go get the broom out. Then once I dump the dustpan into the trash can, I notice the trash can is almost full. So then I’ll empty our bathroom trash cans into the big can to fill it on up, and then take the trash bag out to the bin outside.

All of a sudden, I’ve gone down the housecleaning rabbit hole and lost another few hours I could have spent with God.

And lastly, a third rabbit hole I’ve been going down lately is the fitness rabbit hole. I haven’t been nearly as dedicated to fitness as my wife has been the past year, but I have changed my diet quite a bit and try to go for a walk whenever I get the chance. She got me a Fitbit a couple of Christmases ago, and thus I can keep check on how many steps I take each day.

If it’s a nice, sunny morning, I’ll head downtown to walk up and down Main Street and Kentucky Avenue, as well as the nearby creekwalk.

But after that, I’ll run a few errands while I’m already out and about. Then when I get back home, I’ll still have fitness on the brain.

I’ll get on the scales and record my weight. Then I’ll go ahead and cook some healthy chicken and vegetables to eat for the next few days. And then finally I’ll hit the shower because by that point I’ll probably be a sweaty mess.

All the while, I’ve spent several hours once again putting another thing in my life ahead of time with God.

Of course, all of this is not to say we shouldn’t try to keep our house clean and we shouldn’t try to watch our weight. It’s not even a bad thing to spend time on our phones. But when we make all of those aspects of our lives a priority over God, that’s when it becomes a problem.

Joshua 1:8 says, “This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.”

I’ve always believed that if you start your day making time for God, He will make sure you’re able to take care of everything else. But so often we put off our time with the Lord and tell Him we just need to get a few other things done, and then we’ll have time to read our Bibles and to pray.

However, those few other things turn into a bunch of things, and before we know it, the day is over and we haven’t even spoken a word to God.

We all have important duties that we must take care of though. Many of us have housework, jobs and errands to run everyday. And God certainly wants you to fulfill those roles. You wouldn’t be a responsible human being if you neglected your home and neglected your coworkers.

But we have to make time for God first and foremost. He has to be our top priority. We can’t make excuses that we’re too busy and say we’ll get to it when we get around to it. We might not even be given the chance to get around to it.

So before you let everything else keep you from a relationship with God, put Him first, and then you can deal with everything else.

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