A new Internet service provider in Corbin is promising record speeds by the year’s end.

Although, Zetalink co-owner Dan Hyravy resides in Muhlenberg County he has some Corbin connections. Hyravy has immediate family members who live in Corbin.

“I knew that the broadband situation here was not stellar,” Hyravy said as he has chosen Corbin as the hub of his next business venture. “What I like about Corbin is there’s a community spirit here. The city government is progressing. We saw this as a good place to be and we think we can help the community.”

Hyracy has been in the broadband business for 36 years. He and his Canadian business partner Ben Peach having been working together for over 15 years designing high-speed networks for customers.

“I’ve worked on every continent but Antarctica,” Hyravy added.

Hyravy, who is in the process of redoing and managing the Wi-Fi for downtown Corbin, currently has Zetalink up and running, covering all of downtown and stretching beyond.

Hyravy said he has plans to put in a “pay to play” Wi-Fi option at The Corbin Arena. According to Hyravy the system will handle 3,000 to 5,000 users and will cost around 99 cents for 4 hours. Guests visiting would be able to login in using a credit card or pay pal. Guests at the arena who are already Zetalink customers would not be charged the 99 cents, they would only need to log in with the same credentials as they pay their bill with online.

Zetalink offers two residential packages and two business packages. There are no data limits, no taxes no hidden fees and no contracts according to Hyravy, but the real advantage to Zetalink is speed.

The basic residential packages starts with a download speed of 25Mbps with upload speed 6Mbps for $55 a month. The expanded residential download speed is 50Mbps with an upload speed of 12Mbps for $75 a month.

A Basic Business plan download speed offers 25Mbps with 10Mbps upload speed for $65 a month. Expanded Business offers 50Mbps with 25Mbps for $85 a month.

A one-time installation fee of $75 will be charged for all packages.

Corbin resident and Zetalink test patient Bob Terrell, has found Zetalinks biggest advantage to be much faster upload speed for backing up large files to cloud storage.

“The speeds are consistent.” Terrell said. “If it continues to perform I will get rid of AT&T.”

According to Zetalinks website, generally, changes in weather have very little effect on their wireless broadband Internet service. However if you lose power due to a weather-related incident, you will not be able to access the Internet until power is restored.

Hyravy reminds potential customers that it’s all about design and he and his partner are both engineers.

While the main focus is currently downtown, Hyravy plans to have Zetalink available throughout the Tri-County area by the years end with potential download speed of 100Mbps and 25Mbps upload.

The fastest he has found in the state to date download speed is in Lexington at 85Mbps down. This would make Corbin one of the fastest Internet cities in the state.

“It’s quick, it’s free Wi-Fi for the city and it’s a great service to the community,” City Manager Sams added.

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