A Williamsburg native's summer daydream recently turned into an unforgettable reality. This summer, Alec Poore was watching America's Got Talent audition videos in his bed. Last month, Poore and his older brother Eric were auditioning themselves.

Alec and Eric Poore have been singing since they could talk. Music has always had a strong presence in their lives because their mother's family made up a southern gospel group for many years. However, the two brothers only recently started performing together and had no lifelong dreams of auditioning for America's Got Talent.

Eric Poore said that the two of them just thought,"why not." One day this past summer, Alec Poore had been watching previous auditions online and couldn't help but picture himself in that role. He decided to look up the locations of future auditions and realized that one would be held in Louisville.

The location was surprisingly close and the date was set for this past November, which gave the two brothers time to practice. Alec Poore said he immediately called Eric, who agreed to audition with him.

Eric Poore had auditioned for shows like "The Voice" and "American Idol" in the past, but it had been several years since he had one, and the addition of his brother would provide for a unique experience.

On the other hand, Alec Poore had never auditioned for a show or even performed in a lot of formal events; he even joked that he mostly just sung in the shower. For him, the experience would be completely new.

Once Alec and Eric Poore arrived to Louisville in November, they were very surprised by what they experienced. The two said that, when they first got there, they were placed into a large ballroom and given a sticker. They estimated that groups of 50 were called out at a time by designated numbers found on the stickers.

From there, the large groups were split into smaller ones until the pair was finally able to audition in front of the judges. The two said that once they performed, the judges did not even offer any feedback but told them that they would hear back from them in January.

Although they are unsure of what will happen next, both brothers are extremely satisfied with their decision to try out.

"The biggest takeaway is that we had fun doing it together," said Eric Poore. "This opened our eyes to the fact that we can share awesome experiences like this together."

Alec Poore agreed with his brother and was also proud of how he was able to grow from the experience. "It made me a little more comfortable with stepping out like that," he said.

As January quickly approaches, we at the Times wish them the best of luck and are excited to see what the future holds for the duo.

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