Whitley County sees 6 COVID deaths, remains at top for incidence rate

TRI-COUNTY — Whitley County crept back up to having the highest incidence rate of COVID-19 in Kentucky on Tuesday and Wednesday, and reported six new COVID-related deaths over the two days.

Whitley County had dropped to the two and three spot over the last week, but on Wednesday, the incidence rate which is the average daily new cases per 100,000 population based on previous seven days, was 144.2. On Tuesday it was 154, according to the Kentucky Department of Health, making it take the top rate in the state on both days.

Knox was 11th highest in the state on Wednesday with 106 and Laurel was 64th with 55.7.

Despite Whitley County decreasing its case number by 34.7 percent last week, it still had more cases on average over the last seven days than the rest of the state. The state's overall incidence rate was 64.84 Wednesday.

Whitley County Health Department reported three deaths on Tuesday, including two unvaccinated adults under the age of 80 and one vaccinated adult over 80.

Whitley County Health Department reported three more deaths on Wednesday of adults over the age of 60, two were unvaccinated and one was vaccinated.

Monday the health department also reported two deaths, one vaccinated adult who was over 75 and one unvaccinated adult who was under the age of 65.

The health department also reported 32 new cases on Wednesday with four of those in children. All new cases were unvaccinated.

Whitley County has a 37.5% vaccination rate as of Wednesday, according to the health department.

Knox County Health Department reported 79 new positive COVID cases on Wednesday with 25 of those in children and five hospitalized in Knox County. Two were reported as breakthrough cases.

Laurel County reported in its weekly updated for Sept. 18-24 that 17 people in the county have been confirmed COVID deaths. The county had several pending cases over the last few weeks and still has a large number of additional deaths that are pending confirmation, the Laurel County Health Department reported. The health department is awaiting the state COVID-19 death review panel to make those confirmations. Two of the 17 deaths were in vaccinated individuals.

As of Monday the Laurel County Health Department reported 48 hospitalized due to the virus.

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