Whitley County's Elaine Stott makes final 8 on 'Survivor'

Elaine Stott

Each week I write a recap about the latest episode of "Survivor: Island of the Idols" with a focus on Rockholds' Elaine Stott.

This week's episode, "Bring on the Bacon," began with the return of each part of the tribe that voted in last week's surprise split tribal council where two people were voted out. Missy and Aaron were voted out, both were big physical threats in the game.

The next day it was time for another person to head to the Island of the Idols and Lauren was unanimously chosen to go. While there she received a lesson from legendary "Survivor" players Sandra and Boston Rob about situational awareness.

Boston Rob asked her to name the person she thought who would win the next immunity challenge, after he gave her a little information about what it was going to be. She was able to narrow it down to two, Noura or Elizabeth, and Boston Rob decided to negotiate with her and let her choose two.

If either of the two she chose won the immunity challenge, then Lauren would win an immunity idol. If neither of the two she chose won, then she would lose her vote.

Apparently Lauren was confident in her knowledge of the tribe so she accepted the deal.

Lauren didn't leave it up for grabs, though. She told her tribe mates about what the immunity challenge would be — each person would have to hold a bar up and not let it drop low enough to where a ball would fall.

She also told them that they would have the option to eat instead of play. The idea of eating pancakes and bacon had many of the castaways, who have been on the island for 30 days, ready to eat.

Lauren talked with all the castaways to try to help them in their decision of whether to play or eat and when the immunity challenge time came, only Noura, Elizabeth and Karishma chose to play. Her plan had worked flawlessly — seriously, there has been some awesome game playing this season.

For those of us cheering on Elaine, Elaine got some quality screen time as host Jeff Probst went to take back her immunity necklace before the immunity challenge began. Elaine made him take the necklace off of her and he told her to win it back. In the process of taking it off of her, he accidentally hit her in the head.

"Knock me out and I can't win nothing," Elaine said to Probst jokingly. It was funny.

At that time, that was when Probst revealed the castaways could eat instead of play and when the usual cheers didn't accompany his reveal, Probst was surprised and asked if the breakfast food was worth it. That was when Lauren told him, she had already told everyone what was coming.

Noura, Elizabeth and Karishma faced off and Noura won immunity.

Back at camp the nine castaways left began to try to figure out who to vote out. As has been the case all season, Karishma knew she was on the bottom of the totem pole and tried to get a group together to vote out Dan.

In retaliation of that, Dan got everyone to vote for Karishma.

However, when tribal council time came and the votes had been cast, Karishma played her hidden immunity idol. Dean also tried to play his legacy advantage that we saw Jamal make last week and knew it was fake. Probst told him it was not an advantage.

Lauren also ended up playing her idol just in case.

With seven votes against Karishma, it was a good thing she had played her idol. The other two votes went to Janet and Elizabeth.

Since it was a tie, everyone except for Janet and Elizabeth got to vote again for one or the other and Elizabeth was voted off the tribe.

Check out next week's episode at 8 p.m. Wednesday on CBS.

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