CORBIN — Main Street in downtown continues to progress and the landscape is changing.

Anyone driving on Main Street lately has likely seen the demolition of Economy Inn is well underway to make room for a splash pad. The Corbin Tourist and Convention Commission met on Tuesday night and Director Maggy Kriebel informed the board that soon the commission would discuss and present to the Corbin City Commission color options for the splash pad. Kriebel also noted the next step would be to write the bid specifications for construction.

The tourism commission was awarded grant money to be used for wayfinding signage, something that outsiders assessed was a much needed item for the community.

The signs will direct individuals from the interstate to the city, and from the city to key locations and attractions, as well as signs for public parking lots.

In October the Corbin Tourist and Convention Commission and the Corbin City Commission met in a special joint meeting and reviewed a first-impressions study conducted in the city and talked about ways the two commissions could work together for the betterment of Corbin.

One of the items on the first-impressions study, which was conducted by 11 assessors who ranged in age from 20 to 60, was to develop a wayfinding strategic plan.

The study was paid for through a grant and the tourism commission saw it as a way to learn about the City of Corbin from a different perspective so that the city could become more attractive for visitors.

Kriebel said the funds should be released this month and the signs should be up by fall.

In other tourism news:

—Repairs to the depot building’s roof including the chimney are now complete.

—A life-sized chess set and connect four game will soon be added to the tourism property. Kriebel said this is designed to create a sense of place as well as to keep people in the downtown area longer.

—Tourism’s marketing will take a new route. Kriebel has pulled advertising with Spectrum cable and will now target the Louisville market through online streamed viewing commercials.

—The downtown parklet is now complete with three picnic tables.

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