With their two-year anniversary approaching, The Tony Delk IMAC Regeneration Center in Lexington continues to help heal bodies without surgery or opioids.

The center, which specializes in sports injuries, back and neck pain, arthritis and joint pain, is currently accepting new patients with no referral needed.

Delk is a member of the University of Kentucky men's basketball team that won the 1996 NCAA Championship. He went on to play professionally and is now a brand ambassador for the center.

The center is philosophically driven to treat patients for movement disorders without surgery or opioids. Those disorders may include osteoarthritis, disc herniation, soft tissue sprains and sports injuries. The center's medical director, Dr. Donald Douglas, has a background in anesthesiology and pain management.

Douglas is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and continues to stay active with them. He also has a nurse practitioner who works alongside him.

With a full physical therapy department, the center is able to collaboratively work with physical therapy as well as the medical director during treatment. Chiropractic services are also available.

"We can handle from the most conservative way to treat somebody all the way up to invasive injections and interventional pain management techniques," said Joe Verna, a spokesperson for the company.

The center focuses both on traditional injections and cellular therapy, where they take the body's own cells and use them to regrow cartilage or reduce inflammation in the joint. Platelet rich plasma and cellular therapy treatments use a patient's own blood and cells to heal their body from the inside out.

"The biggest thing we see are spinal related issues," said Verna. "We also see a lot of osteoarthritis of the knees and hips."

Verna added that obviously with Delk as an ambassador, the center sees a lot of sports injuries where they can use cellular therapy. Delk has experienced first hand what the center is capable of.

"It helped him in his career and that's what made him a believer in what we do," Verna added.

Delk is active with the center, coming by often and interacting with patients, and of course he signs autographs.

"We have a lot of NCAA college athletes coming to us," said Verna. "We have the professional or high level athletes who are looking for recovery. IMAC is also expanding into helping high school athletes heal quickly."

However the number one patient base is arthritic patients 60 years of age and over with basic wear and tear.

Verna recalls a high level professional football player who was on the bottom end of the roster trying to make the team when he got hurt during summer camp.

"He was worried he was going to lose his spot," Verna said. "He came to our office for cellular therapy and very quickly healed. We were able to get him back to training camp."

This player not only made the team but by the end of the year he became a starter.

"To be able to see that and work with that was a phenomenal thing," added Verna "That's one of the success stories that I always stick with."

Equally important are the elderly patients who throw their back out and fear they'll never walk again, and thanks to the IMAC Regeneration Centers, they are up and walking again in no time.

According to Verna, the IMAC Regeneration Centers are often the last line of defense before surgery.

For more information or to schedule a visit, go to www.tonydelkcenter.com.

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