Whitley County Sheriff's Office is seeking a suspect after a woman was reportedly stabbed after giving a ride to another female on Monday.

Between 3:30 p.m. and 4 p.m., a female stated she had picked up a another female walking in a gravel parking lot near the KY Consular Center for transportation to Corbin. She reportedly transported the woman to Corbin and exited at mile marker 25 towards Woodbine.

Upon nearing the Corbin Bypass and Highway 26, the female passenger allegedly attempted to steal a cellphone owned by the driver.

The female passenger then got out a large kitchen knife and attempted to stab the driver in the leg. After a brief struggle over the phone, and before the offender exited the vehicle, the female passenger stabbed the driver in the stomach.

The suspect fled the vehicle and ran into a wooded area.

Deputies did locate a black handled steak knife in the area in which the victim fled for safety. Blood residue on the weapon and wounds on the victim were found to be a match for consistency with the weapon used in the stabbing.

Deputy Joe Prewitt is continuing the investigation.

The female suspected of committing the assault is described as a white female in her late 30s, approximately 120-130 pounds with red curly hair and green eyes. She had a small scar under her left eye, red shirt, and cutoff jean shorts. A pink backpack was also in the reach of the female suspect.

More details will follow as the investigation continues.

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