SURVIVOR RECAP: Williamsburg's Nick Wilson makes risky move that could pay off

Nick Wilson is competing on "Survivor: Winners at War". | Photo Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment

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Williamsburg's Nick Wilson had a big decision to make in this week's episode "We're in the Majors" on "Survivor: Winners at War". He had to decide to stick with his alliance's leader or make a big player move — he chose the latter.

The episode began, though, on the Edge of Extinction where legendary "Survivor" players Parvati and Sandra were welcomed to the island as the two latest to be voted out.

Sandra decided that she did not want to waste her time on the island for an opportunity to go back in the game just for it to be a competition in which she would lose. So she raised the white flag and left the game.

Boston Rob continued to run the island on Edge of Extinction as everyone went to search for four hidden fire tokens on the island. Tyson found one and showed it to Rob. Then Rob convinced everyone to strip to show that they hadn't found the others. But, of course, Rob had the other three himself.

In the immunity challenge Nick's tribe lost. It was apparently a challenge he competed and lost in his first season. His tribemate Wendell thought they were going to win so he started talking some smack and caused the team to lose by a second.

Yul wanted to vote out Wendell because of that and other comments made at the last tribal council, but Yul also wanted to try to get Wendell's fire tokens. Nick wasn't sure about being that dark in game play so he talked with Michele and they decided to vote out Yul instead.

Prior to the vote, though, Nick and Yul both said that this was their final four and even if they were voted out and got back in the game from the Edge of Extinction, they would rejoin that alliance. That could be a game changer later in the game.

Yul bequeathed his fire tokens to Sophie and Sarah as he headed to Extinction Island.


ERIN: I never imagined someone on this season would walk away from it willingly. Sandra waving the white flag to get taken off of Extinction Island and permanently out of the game surprised me. Now when she started talking about why she was doing it, I can’t blame her because any type of physical competition she would not be able to win. But, you never know what’s going to happen on "Survivor" so the fact that she didn’t even wait to find out if that was the case is disappointing.

CHRIS: It's tricky. Honestly, I can't fault Sandra for going using that logic. She is a factor in the social/strategic aspect of the game only, and is never going to be Ozzy Lusth when it comes to challenges. That said, the get-back-in challenge could come down to a puzzle -- something at which Sandra isn't that bad -- and moreover, as we've observed before (as did Yul Wednesday night) -- the fire tokens could come into play, and she may have the chance to earn some in a way that doesn't involve hiking until you drop. So she may have been a bit short-sighted, but hey, the woman has won two seasons. She'll always be the first person to do so, and will likely long be the only person to do so without benefit of a "winners only" season (because inevitably someone will join her in the two-time-winner club this year). She deserves to go out however she wants to go out, as I see it.

ERIN: I like to think that Nick made the right move by voting out Yul. I think he was right in thinking that he was going to have to follow Yul’s game plan, but now Nick is the outsider in his alliance as Wendell and Michele have an outside connection. I don’t like that.

CHRIS: I'm sure Nick probably felt relatively safe at Tribal Council this time, but still, that was a bit of a risky play, saying, "If you vote me out, I'll be loyal if I get back in." That might have proven too tempting to pass up for some of his alliance. But as much as I hate it as a viewer, because I really loved watching Yul play again this year and felt he was doing well, I really like what Nick did here. This is a tell-the-jury move -- Nick had a comfortable alliance, but he still took the opportunity to upset it and get out a danger player, and did so right before the merge, where an alliance disruption would do the least damage to his game (everything's going to be turned over in a few days anyway). Michele has nowhere else to go, and it feels like she'll be loyal -- it feels like she's closer to Nick than she was to Ben or Adam or that lot. I don't know where Nick goes from here in the game, but if he gets to the end, that's a big move-the-chess-pieces move he can point to and earn jury points.

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