Rockholds' Stott avoids tribal council this week

Elaine Stott on "Survivor: Island of Idols". | Photo courtesy of Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Each week I will write a recap of "Survivor: Island of the Idols" with a focus on Rockholds woman Elaine Stott who is one of the castaways in this season.

This will be another short recap which means that Elaine Stott, our "Survivor" castaway from Rockholds, did not have to go to tribal council this week. I think we all needed an easy, relaxing week watching "Survivor" after last week's episode when we weren't sure if Elaine's alliance would hold tight.

In this week's episode, "I Was Born at Night But Not Last Night", it began with Elaine's Vokai tribe returning from tribal council.

"Now they're shaking in their shoes because we have the numbers," Elaine said in her confessional. And she was absolutely right as some of the original Vokai members were crying, upset and mad that Elaine's original tribe mates, Missy and Aaron, didn't turn on her.

The original Lairo members, including Missy, Aaron, Elaine and Elizabeth, knew that now the original Vokai members will have to scramble to try to survive any future tribal councils while in this tribe.

The episode then shifted to the Lairo tribe where most of the episode's focus remained. Now, don't get me wrong, as a "Survivor" fan, this episode was awesome, but for our purposes in highlighting Elaine's gameplay, I don't have much to say.

This week Janet from the Lairo tribe was sent to Island of the Idols to meet Boston Rob and Sandra. When she saw them, her jaw about hit the ground — I imagine that would be my reaction meeting them as well.

Janet's lesson from the idols was on calculated risks and big moves. For the first time this season, a castaway declined to try to win the advantage. Boston Rob was pleased with Janet's decision after she analyzed all the risks.

Later in the episode the tribes competed in an immunity challenge. Elaine's team won in a close race to finish a puzzle as she kept telling them it wasn't right, but no one listened to our Kentucky woman who clearly knows what she's talking about — one of these days they'll learn. Anyway they barely were able to fix the puzzle to finish it before the other tribe completed theirs.

So Elaine was safe and didn't have to go to tribal council.

For those of you who enjoy "Survivor," although our favorite player wasn't at tribal council, it still turned out to be a thriller, and there was also a long discussion about sexism that was quite thought-provoking, but since I have this column on the entertainment page, I won't go into that. However, it was very insightful and I would recommend everyone go watch highlights of that discussion.

Prior to tribal council, Kellee, a member of the Lairo tribe now, was in a confessional talking about how she had an immunity idol she didn't want to go to waste and that the target for the vote, Dean, was someone she felt a connection with (because in reality they had a mutual friend - she was friends with his ex-girlfriend). During her confessional she has an idea that she could give the idol to Dean and convince him to vote out whoever she wanted — making it look like she had no part in voting out one of her own alliance members.

It was pretty cool watching her formulate the plan right on the spot. And to watch it come to fruition and be executed perfectly was awesome.

She also convinced Noura to vote for the same person she wanted Dean to vote for so that this person would for sure go home.

At tribal, another tribe member played his hidden immunity idol on Noura to keep her safe after Dean played his immunity idol.

All the votes that were against Dean were void because of his immunity idol and the only other two votes cast (Noura and Dean's votes) were against Jack.

Check out next week's episode of "Survivor" at 8 p.m. Wednesday on CBS.

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