SURVIVOR RECAP: Rockholds' Elaine Stott welcomes girlfriend in loved ones episode, finds hidden immunity idol

Elaine Stott

Each week I will write a recap of the latest episode of "Survivor: Island of the Idols", highlighting Rockholds' Elaine Stott who is competing on the show this season.

It is an episode "Survivor" fans always look forward to watching, the loved ones visit.

The contestants have been on an island working hard for simple necessities each day, so when they get to see one of their loved ones from home — well let's just say, Kleenex should advertise during this episode.

"A Very Simple Plan" was the title of this week's episode and it got straight to the point heading into the reward challenge where the castaways got to greet their loved ones and then compete for a chance to spend more time with them.

It's always emotional to watch as you can see how badly each person wants to win and how much a simple hug gives them. During Wednesday's visit, one woman found out her grandbaby was going to be a girl because her husband showed up wearing a pink shirt and the youngest person to ever be on "Survivor" at just 13 years old came on as he was the son of one of the contestants.

Elaine’s then-girlfriend, and now fiancée, Tonya Thomas was her loved one. Elaine said Tonya is the toughest girl she knows and puts up with her.

“She’s what holds me together,” Elaine said.

Elaine told Host Jeff Probst that Tonya had two kids, one of which is in college and the youngest one is her best friend.

Elaine said she was scared when Elaine and Tonya first got together that Tonya's sons wouldn’t accept them as a couple, but they did.

I mean, who couldn't love Elaine? She's hilarious and this moment of the show gave viewers a quick look at what else makes up Elaine.

In the reward challenge to try to get to spend more time with their loved ones, Elaine was paired with Dean. I thought for sure these two would dominate the challenge.

Elaine and Dean did end up getting a lead, but all teams got caught up when they reached the final task of the challenge where they had to throw a bean bag onto a pedestal and it had to stay on the pedestal.

Tommy and Janet ended up winning the reward and chose to give Dan and Lauren more time with their loved ones as well. At reward they briefly discussed who they wanted to vote out and Karishma and Elaine were the top two.

At camp Noura came back guns a blazin’, as Dean said. She was mad that she wasn't chosen by her alliance to get the reward and knew she was on the bottom of that alliance. So she rallied Dean, Elaine and Karishma to team up and all work together to vote out Lauren.

They also looked for the hidden immunity idol and our girl Elaine found it.

“There it was sitting in a tree, pretty as can be,” she said.

At the immunity challenge, it came down to Lauren and Elaine. The challenge had the contestants trying to hold a ball between what looked like a rolling pin and a piece of wood that was above their heads.

Lauren kept saying she wanted it, but was clearly struggling. Her arms were violently shaking, tears were streaming down her face. I thought Elaine had it in the bag.

Out of nowhere Elaine dropped the ball and Lauren won immunity.

In preparation of tribal council, everyone floated around talking to each other about who to vote out. The tribe members who did not go on the reward agreed to vote out Tommy, since Lauren won.

“My concern is Noura is such a fruit loop she won’t stick to the plan,” Elaine said during a confessional.

At tribal council as Probst tried to talk to Elaine, whispering between tribe members began. Dean told Tommy he was getting votes and Noura, clearly caught in blindsiding one of her alliance members, tried to say she had planned to tell Tommy at tribal council and she wasn't going to vote against her alliance.

As the whispering took place, Elaine popped her head right in between Tommy, Noura and Lauren in a scene that had me cracking up and now has people making hilarious memes in reference to it.

I mean if you're going to have a conversation like that at tribal council, why shouldn't someone stand right in the middle of it and listen to what you don't want them to hear? I have never understood why people don't do that on "Survivor" to prevent any new strategy from being formed. Elaine definitely was in the same mindset.

Elaine used her hidden immunity idol to be safe after all the craziness. Turned out she didn't need to, but I'm happy she made it another week.

Karishma ended up being voted out.

With just one more week left before finale night, make sure to tune in to CBS at 8 p.m. Wednesday for the next episode.

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