<b>Local woman's tribe gets immunity</b>

Elaine Stott

In this case, a short recap of "Survivor" is a good sign -- our local contestant, Elaine Stott of Rockholds, survived another episode.

It was just week two of the 39th season of "Survivor" and Elaine wasn't the star of the show this time. But that's okay as her tribe wasn't featured much.

Elaine's Lairo tribe won the immunity challenge. Elaine jumped in to help with the win as one of her tribe mates struggled to finish the final task of the immunity challenge.

Elaine rolled the ball and made it in the slot to get part of the task completed before her tribe mate stepped back in to finish.

With the win, Elaine's tribe was safe.

Remember to check out next week's episode at 8 p.m. Wednesday.

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