WILLIAMSBURG — In recognition of academic performance, the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs at University of the Cumberlands has announced the students named to the Dean's List for the spring 2020 semester.

To be eligible for the Dean's List, students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.50 and be in good academic standing.

Students from your local area who made this semester's Dean's List include:

Athena Adkins of Williamsburg (40769)

Ryan Anders of Corbin (40701)

Erin Baker of Williamsburg (40769)

Heather Bargo of Flat Lick (40935)

Breanna Bennett of Corbin (40701)

Alyssa Bishop of London (40741)

Elisha Bolton of Woodbine (40771)

Robert Brown of Corbin (40701)

Tasha Brown of Woodbine (40771)

Tommy Brown of Woodbine (40771)

Madison Canada of Williamsburg (40769)

Joseph Chaffman of Cumberland College (40769)

Rachel Clifford of Williamsburg (40769)

Faith Coppock of Corbin (40701)

Christy Elliott of Williamsburg (40769)

Ethan Fischer of London (40743)

Emily Foster of Corbin (40701)

Megan Freeman of Williamsburg (40769)

Ashley Gilbert of East Bernstadt (40729)

Savannah Hammack of London (40741)

Jennifer Hammock of London (40743)

Jasmine Hampton of London (40744)

Alexis Hays of Williamsburg (40769)

Jacob Hays of London (40744)

Bethany Hubbard of Rockholds (40759)

Miranda Jackson of Corbin (40701)

Mahaley Knickerbocker of Corbin (40701)

Brian Lawson of Corbin (40701)

Mattis Le Montagner of Williamsburg (40769)

Steven Leach of Williamsburg (40769)

Megan Lewis of London (40741)

Taylor Maggard of Keavy (40737)

Andy Martin of Manchester (40962)

Victoria Mchargue of Corbin (40701)

Morgan Mcintosh of Williamsburg (40769)

Emily Morton of London (40744)

Bryce Muncy of London (40741)

Jeremy Napier of Manchester (40962)

John Neeley of Corbin (40701)

Kristen Newnham of London (40741)

Luke Osborne of Corbin (40701)

Caitlyn Prewitt of Williamsburg (40769)

Sierra Rhinehart of Willamsburg (40769)

Georganna Richardson of east bernstadt (40729)

Terry Riley of Corbin (40701)

Christopher Rowell of Corbin (40701)

Kelsey Saylor of Corbin (40701)

Mariah Saylor of Corbin (40701)

Amanda Sexton of Corbin (40701)

Hannah Shelley of Williamsburg (40769)

Savanna Sizemore of Williamsburg (40769)

Andrew Smith of Barbourville (40906)

Tasha Spurlock of Manchester (40962)

Dwalenna Stepp of Lily (40740)

Cora Stevens of Corbin (40701)

Jesse Sutton of Williamsburg (40769)

Kirsten Tuttle of London (40741)

Benjamin Williamson of Corbin (40701)

Meghan Wynn of Corbin (40701)

Jack Allen of Rockholds (40759)

Mary Allen of Corbin (40701)

Austin Anderson of Corbin (40701)

Cheyla Anderson of Williamsburg (40769)

Maggie Anderson of London (40741)

Sally Arnold of London (40741)

Kristen Ayres of London (40744)

Brianna Baird of Corbin (40701)

Derek Baker of Corbin (40701)

Trendon Ball of London (40741)

Isaiah Banks of Woodbine (40771)

Carrie Bargo of Hinkle (40953)

Brianna Barnett of Corbin (40701)

Jacqueline Bass of Corbin (40701)

Jacob Blankenship of Williamsburg (40769)

Destiny Blue of Lily (40740)

Shelby Bolton of Williamsburg (40769)

Devin Bowling of Corbin (40701)

Benjamin Brown of London (40741)

Courtney Brown of Corbin (40701)

Keshia Brown of Corbin (40701)

Beverly Bryant of Williamsburg (40769)

Gina Bunch of Gray (40734)

Iva Bunch of Corbin (40701)

Ebony Burke of Gray (40734)

Linda Chen of Corbin (40701)

Grace Chitwood of Keavy (40737)

Armando Cima of Corbin (40701)

Makayla Claxton of Corbin (40701)

Hannah Conway of Williamsburg (40769)

Jacey Cooper of Williamsburg (40769)

Reece Couch of East Bernstadt (40729)

Charley Crockett of Williamsburg (40769)

Tyler Curtis of Corbin (40701)

Shalees Day of Corbin (40701)

Mendy De Rooi of Williamsburg (40769)

Kaitlenn Dezarn of Tyner (40486)

Abbigail Disney of Corbin (40701)

Jacob Doughty of London (40741)

Katie Douglas of Corbin (40701)

Sarah Doyle of Barbourville (40906)

Tyler Engle of Barbourville (40906)

Sarah Estes of Williamsburg (40769)

Bradley Faulkner of Williamsburg (40769)

Erica Flannery of Williamsburg (40769)

Corinne Fojtek of London (40741)

Toni Fragosa of London (40744)

Diana Gallegos of Williamsburg (40769)

James Gambrel of Corbin (40701)

Madison Gibson of Corbin (40701)

Travis Gilbert of Corbin (40701)

Abigail Gilpin of London (40741)

Kayla Graeler of Gray (40734)

Stephanie Haar of Williamsburg (40769)

James Hackler of Williamsburg (40769)

Joshua Hackler of Williamsburg (40769)

Peyton Hamlin of Williamsburg (40769)

Raymond Hargrave of Williamsburg (40769)

Anna Harp of London (40741)

Larry Harville of Rockholds (40759)

Ray Hays of London (40744)

Madison Hensley of Manchester (40962)

Kristy Hodge of Williamsburg (40769)

Kaitlin Holland of London (40744)

Jonathan Hollin of Corbin (40701)

Madison Hopper of Corbin (40701)

Jacob Hylton of London (40741)

Makenzi Isom of Barbourville (40906)

Felicia Jaynes of Corbin (40701)

Jaclyn Jewell of London (40744)

River Johnson of Rockholds (40759)

Dalton Jones of Corbin (40701)

Jamie Jones of Barbourville (40906)

Kelly Jones of London (40744)

Megan Jones of Keavy (40737)

Kayla Keith of Williamsburg (40769)

Allison Lambdin of Williamsburg (40769)

Jennifer Lawson of Williamsburg (40769)

Sarah Lay of Corbin (40701)

Corey Ledington of Corbin (40701)

Jessica Lee of Keavy (40737)

Timothy Lewis of East Bernstadt (40729)

Chasity Lindsay of London (40741)

Keaton Logan of Corbin (40701)

Rachel Logan of Corbin (40701)

Emily Mattingly of Corbin (40701)

Haylee McKeehan of Rockholds (40759)

Savannah McQueen of London (40741)

Rachel Meadors of Williamsburg (40769)

Brenna Miller of Barbourville (40906)

Patty Mills of Barbourville (40906)

Rebecca Mitchell of Williamsburg (40769)

Pamela Monhollen of Williamsburg (40769)

Sarah Moody of Lily (40740)

Emily Moore of Corbin (40701)

Sydni Moore of Keavy (40737)

Michael Morton of Corbin (40701)

Christie Moses of Keavy (40737)

Molli Mulberry of Corbin (40701)

Laura Navajas Marin of Williamsburg (40769)

Tyler Neal of Corbin (40701)

Vitoria Oliveira of Barbourville (40906)

Morgan Owens-Lewis of Corbin (40701)

Benjamin Parker of Corbin (40701)

Hannah Parker of Corbin (40701)

Savannah Partin of Williamsburg (40769)

Joshua Patton of Corbin (40701)

Austin Paul of Williamsburg (40769)

Tess Perkins of Williamsburg (40769)

Ethan Phipps of Barbourville (40906)

Matthew Polliard of Flat Lick (40935)

Shem Powell of East Bernstadt (40729)

Emily Prewitt of Corbin (40701)

Lesleigh Prewitt of Williamsburg (40769)

Sarah Price of Corbin (40701)

Sydney Reed of London (40741)

Caroline Reedy of Corbin (40702)

Hailey Richardson of Williamsburg (40769)

Jenna Rockwell of London (40741)

Jenna Rose of Williamsburg (40769)

Kelli Rose of Rockholds (40759)

Dustyn Sams of Corbin (40701)

Karmyn Sams of Corbin (40701)

Samantha Sanders of Corbin (40701)

Madeline Saylor of Corbin (40701)

Tiffany Saylor of Manchester (40962)

Alena Schuss of Williamsburg (40769)

Lane Sears of Williamsburg (40769)

Morgan Sears of Corbin (40701)

Mason Sherman of London (40741)

Madelyn Singleton of London (40744)

Hannah Sizemore of London (40741)

Annie Smith of Williamsburg (40769)

Gabriel Smith of Corbin (40701)

Haley Smith of London (40744)

Madison Smith of London (40741)

McKayla Smith of Manchester (40962)

Teketta Smith of Manchester (40962)

Elizabeth Spires of Rockholds (40759)

Robert Steakley of Williamsburg (40769)

Lauren Stokes of London (40741)

Andrea Sutton of London (40743)

Jimmy Thornton of Williamsburg (40769)

Tiffany Tilley of Corbin (40701)

William Turner of Williamsburg (40769)

Alexia Valentine of London (40741)

Alicia Vanover of Williamsburg (40769)

Joshue Vanover of Rockholds (40759)

Brittany Wagers of Barbourville (40906)

Kelsey Wagers of London (40744)

Mikayla Walters of Corbin (40701)

Brittany Williams of Manchester (40962)

Olivia Williams of London (40741)

Tiffany Williams of Manchester (40962)

Jerry Winchester of Corbin (40701)

Drake Witt of London (40741)

Rebekah Wolf of Manchester (40962)

Cameron Wyatt of Corbin (40701)

James Yates of Williamsburg (40769)

Stephen Zawko of London (40741)

Anna Zehr of Williamsburg (40769)

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