Southeast Kentucky Audiology giving away set of hearing aids

CORBIN -- Southeast Kentucky Audiology in Corbin is giving away a set of hearing aids just in time for the holidays.

The experts at Southeast Kentucky Audiology know that the holiday season is a time of year when friends and family gather together to share and reminisce on special memories of old, all while creating new ones around the dinner table, fireplace and the iconic Christmas tree. More importantly, they know just how difficult it can be for a loved one who can't hear what is being said, and struggles during these special holiday gatherings.

After learning about a similar event during a training, the staff at Southeast Kentucky Audiology decided to host an inaugural Hear for the Holidays contest.

The well trained staff members know hearing loss typically happens very slowly, over a long time, and is easy to miss, but they are committed to making a difference.

One person will be selected to be fit with hearing aids and given one year of service by the office.

Dr. Liz Rogers said this means the office will provide services "pretty much anything they need" in regards to the hearing to that individual for a year.

Three local celebrity judges, one of which is Corbin Mayor Suzie Razmus, will review the applications and select five finalists. Rogers said she hasn't narrowed down the other two judges just yet. Those finalists will be brought to the office for a hearing evaluation to determine candidacy for hearing aids and one winner will be selected by the judges.

Southeast Kentucky Audiology hopes to fit the winner with hearing aids by Thanksgiving. This is subject to change based on individual cases and pending potential medical intervention.

The hope is to have the winner, "Hearing for the Holidays."

"This is the first time we're doing it," said Rogers. "We're excited to be doing it and hopefully we will be doing it every year at this time."

Participants who enter will need to fill out an application that includes an essay describing why you or someone you love would benefit from this opportunity. In less than 300 words let Dr. Rogers know why you or your loved one need hearing aids and have not received them yet.

Along with completing the application, there is a contestant consent form, and financial disclosure form.

Participants can send these to Southeast Kentucky Audiology via email, regular mail or fax. If the applicant is not the one completing this form, please provide your name and relationship to the applicant.

Rules for the contest are as follows: Application deadline is October 31,2019, no exceptions. The application, contestant consent form, and financial disclosure form must all be received and submitted together to be entered. Applicant must meet income guidelines to be entered. If you are selected as a finalist, but we are unable to reach you within 24 business hours with the contact information provided, the next applicant will be contacted. Finalists selected must have a hearing loss (determined by our office at the hearing evaluation appointment) to be considered eligible for hearing aids. Applicants, finalists, and the winner must be able to travel to our office for at least one, but possibly two appointments (hearing evaluation and hearing aid fitting). More appointments will be scheduled as needed. Applicant cannot have any other means of obtaining hearing aids such as insurance, the Veterans Health Administration, etc. Applicant cannot have functioning hearing aids that have been fit within the last five years.

Dr. Rogers said she and her staff just want to be able to give the gist of hearing to someone this holiday season.

About Southeast Kentucky Audiology, Dr. Liz Rogers purchased it from Dr. Angela Morris when Morris decided to move and offered Rogers the practice. All of the providers are board certified. The practice is full-time and has been in operation for 16 years.

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