<span>Sherwin Williams Paint Store donates primer to library</span>

Left to right are Blane Kretzer -- Paint Contractor; Anjelica Craig-Johnson -- Corbin Sherwin-Williams Manager; Donna Chadwell -- Corbin Public Library Director, and Brenda Jones-CPL Board President. | Photo contributed

CORBIN — The Sherwin Williams Paint Store at 1220 Master Street in Corbin donated 20 gallons of their premier Loxon primer to the Corbin Public Library. The primer became necessary when the Tremaine Foundation’s grant to the Corbin Art Fund was able to take advantage of regional renowned mural artist, Lacy Hale’s, unexpected availability to design and paint a mural depicting reading, children and trains. Priming the wall will greatly extend the life of the mural. To accommodate the artist’s schedule, the library had to accelerate painting the building’s exterior, stretching an already tight budget.

Sherwin Williams was made aware of the library’s need and responded almost immediately.

Corbin manager, Angelica Johnson said, “We’d be happy to help with your library project.”

She further indicated that this request was unique among other requests since the Corbin Public Library is an institution central to all members of the community. The manager was also moved by the generosity of the artist to accept a substantial reduced fee and for 2nd and Main’s owners to provide the artist free room and board.

Friend of the Library, Diane Mitchell said, “We felt the library’s exterior called out for a mural to visually bring visitors from the underpass’ art up to the library. We had been looking for grants when out of the blue, Ms. Hale had a mural commission delayed.”

Library Board Vice President, Rob Miller indicated that the library had always been a fan of the Sherwin Williams product and has used it for all the interior walls in the present library as well as the new addition.

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