This is one of seven Corbin City Commission candidates. The other candidates will be in the newspaper Tuesday or Thursday this week.

CORBIN - After a decade in our nation’s capital of working for members of the federal government in various capacities, Allison Moore moved back to Corbin and is looking to use that experience gained to help her hometown by running for Corbin City Commission.

“I love our town,” she said. “It was my upbringing here that prepared me to move to Washington, D.C. and build a successful career in government and politics.”

“As Corbin continues to grow and welcome new residents, I feel it is important to elect leaders like myself, who grew up in this wonderful community and are passionate about preserving the values and traditions that make this such a perfect place to call home,” she continued. “I have fresh perspectives, new and creative ideas, and the unique ability to assess and navigate the inner-workings of government and politics to successfully accomplish goals.”

While in Washington, Moore worked for Senator Mitch McConnell, both in his leadership office in the U.S. Capitol and as his campaign press secretary in 2014. She was also named the National Press Secretary to the Republican National Committee for the 2016 presidential election cycle, as well as working with U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao in the Department of Transportation.

“As two of our current commissioners step down, I decided to jump at the opportunity to become part of this leadership team and contribute my experience and vast network of professional relationships to further advance the city’s interests and initiatives at the state and federal level,” she explained.

Here at home, Moore has worked with a small team led by Executive Director Kyle Perkins and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Harold Reedy to launch a local nonprofit called Horizon Health, which is dedicated to combatting the opioid epidemic through clinical care and community engagement.

As the Director of Outreach and Education with Horizon Health, Moore says she has worked closely with local leaders and organizations that have inspired her through their leadership, compassion and dedication.

If elected, Moore said one of her priorities would be public safety.

“I am proud to support Corbin’s police force and all our first responders,” said Moore. “They are the backbone of our community and should be fully equipped with the funding and resources necessary to ensure efficient operations that account for our growing population.”

Moore said she would also like to improve the safety, accessibility, and longevity of Corbin’s infrastructure. She noted that improving the basic functionalities and aesthetics of the city’s infrastructure would not only increase Corbin residents’ quality of life, but it would also be beneficial for business development and economic growth. She said it would be a relatively low-investment project that could yield high results.

“For example, I am painfully aware after trying to navigate a stroller on nightly walks with two young children that our sidewalks need repair,” she said. “If elected, I would like to prioritize the addition of new sidewalks where needed and repairs of our existing sidewalks and streets to increase pedestrian safety and make the community more walkable, which helps with stroller navigation and is appealing for business looking to relocate to Corbin.”

If elected, Moore said she would also like to focus on community engagement by increasing the city’s engagement with local organizations to better provide them with the support, visibility, and partnerships necessary to grow and be successful.

“I believe it is vitally important for city leaders to be engaged with local organizations like the Appalachian Mentor Project who is dedicated to helping children and youth, specifically the most vulnerable, gain additional opportunities to succeed through first-hand positive reinforcement, encouragement and support from local mentors where they might not be receiving it otherwise," she said.

Moore said she moved back to Corbin because of her love for her hometown, and her desire for her children to be able to call Corbin their hometown too. Outside of work and politics, Moore says she stays busy cheering on her youngest brother, Jackson Moore, who plays for Corbin High School’s soccer team. She enjoys playing outdoors with her children and spending time with her parents, Steve and Debbie Moore, as well as her grandmothers, Clara Karr and Doris Moore.

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