PROFILE: Hall says now is the time for Corbin voters to make a change

Shannon Hall | Photo contributed 

This is one of seven candidates running for Corbin City Commission. The other candidate profiles were printed in Tuesday's or today's newspaper as well.

CORBIN - Shannon T. Hall, 72, is no stranger to Corbin’s voters. The retired minister once ran for Corbin mayor and has thrown his hat into the political ring once more, as he is now running for the Corbin City Commission this election cycle.

Born in Corbin and raised in the Scuffletown area, Hall moved to Massachusetts for college where he attended Berkshire Christian College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in theology and history.

Since then, he has worked all over the United States in various roles as well as a preacher and moved back to Corbin in 2004. He is married to Bernice and he has three daughters.

The fire chaplain of Oak Grove Fire Department said that with his involvement throughout the community and working in churches, he felt like he had a good following of people who would support him in the race for commission.

“I listen to people,” he said. “That’s one of the problems with commissioners now down here in Corbin, they don’t listen to people, and people are mad.”

Hall said he supported the idea of community events similar to town hall meetings where community members could pitch ideas or air out their concerns to commissioners.

“We need to have town meetings, talk to people about what is in their community and what they would like to see happen,” he said. “I think we ought to have these area gatherings every so often. Does that mean we’re going to do everything? No, but our eyes might be opened up to certain things.”

Hall said his biggest focus if elected is providing opportunities for Corbin’s youth.

“We don’t have jobs here that are capable of supporting families,” Hall claimed. “The people are having to move out and go elsewhere to get jobs.”

He said he wants to improve vocational education opportunities for the youth, as well as provide new sources of recreation and entertainment for them.

“We need electricians, we need auto mechanics,” noted Hall. “We have nothing for the teenagers, nothing. You tell me what we’ve got where they can have recreation or some kind of entertainment, they don’t. They moved the bowling alley out,” he later added. “I just feel like we’re neglecting our youth.”

One solution Hall mentioned was bringing a park to Corbin’s south side of town, something he says he has been pushing for a while.

“I’ve went and hollered my lungs out about it,” he said, noting a park on that side of town would benefit those who live and work near the area, providing them with somewhere to eat lunch or relax while their children are at football practice.

Hall also mentioned the idea of developing and installing a landing area on Lynn Camp Creek near the area’s pool. He added that he would like to see sidewalk installed for those fishing in the creek and that the landing pad would be the perfect option for those wanting to kayak.

“Why should our people drive to Williamsburg and Somerset? Yeah it won’t be as fancy, but it will give them an opportunity where they can stay here in their hometown and do some kayaking,” he said.

“The biggest thing is the youth,” Hall reiterated. “Doing something for the youth so they can go into the future living here and staying here, as well as providing something for them right now while they’re teenagers.”

Other things Hall supports are neighborhood watches, citing strings of car break-ins popping up in Corbin over the past couple of years, and working with the city’s utilities to help citizens experiencing water issues, and improving Corbin’s streets.

Hall said he supported locally owned businesses, such as the recently opened Sweeties Ice Cream and Mini Doughnuts shop.

“We’ve been needing an ice cream place like that downtown for a long time. I’m for little shops, but we’ve got to have more than little shops to pay taxes, and I understand that,” Hall said. “But something like that encourages people. We should give them some kind of a break to get started their first year or two. A tax break or something, and encourage little shops like that, and draw people back into Corbin.”

Hall said now was the time for Corbin voters to make a change.

“I think they’re complaining they want a change, so now is the time to make change and put different people in,” he said. “Get different people involved in the city commission, change commissioners. I’m almost to the point I think that city commissioners shouldn’t serve more than two to three terms.”

“I guess you can say I’m not in that socialite group that normally runs Corbin,” Hall also said. “I really don’t care, because I’m not serving them, I’m serving all the people.”

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