Everyone hopes that their child is attending school in a healthy environment. Pleasant View Elementary school has went above and beyond to meet that objective and was recently named one of America’s healthiest schools for its efforts for the second year in a row.

The school was given this title by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a national organization formed to empower kids to develop lifelong healthy habits. Every year, Healthier Generation releases a list of healthiest schools.

All of these listed schools meet or exceed federal nutrition standards for school meals and snacks, offer breakfast daily, incorporate physical activity before, during, or after school, implement district wellness policies and update progress annually, and involve parents and community members in decision-making.

The schools do not receive a ranking, but are dubbed with a bronze, silver, or gold award based on the number of “best-practices” they have implemented relating to the health of their students. Pleasant View Elementary earned the title of a bronze school.

When asked how the school accomplished this, Principal Bobby Gibbs said, “It’s really just a process of trying to make good decisions and educate them (students) on making healthy choices.”

Pleasant View offers its students a variety of ways to stay active and to have healthy options.

Students are able to have quality food and snacks through the Healthy Choices program implemented by the school in collaboration with Save the Children.

Activities like P.E. and recess set a designated time within school hours for children to run and play. More importantly, the school makes a huge effort to keep the fun going by implementing after-school activities that range anywhere from yoga to working with the Road Runners Association.

Gibbs is proud of the school's title and of the work his staff has put in to get there.

“They love kids, they care about kids and they’re making choices that put kids first,” he said about his staff.

Gibbs said that the healthiest schools title only honors a small aspect of all of the outstanding effort his people do everyday. However, he acknowledges that this is a big accomplishment on behalf of the people who work hard everyday to create healthier lives for their students.

“They’re challenging kids to be not only lifelong learners, but to make healthy choices and live happy, successful, productive lives,” he said.

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