Pinball Museum of Corbin set to open August 1

The Pinball Museum of Corbin is doing on a countdown on Facebook until its opening, showcasing the different pinball machines it will have. This picture from July 4 showed three from the Star Wars universe. | Photo courtesy of Pinball Museum of Corbin

CORBIN - Picture it: It’s the weekend with nothing better to do, so you’re back and pumped to face off with your arch nemeses. Determination ruling your every move, you pull back the steel plunger on your favorite pinball machine. That high score doesn’t stand a chance as the sleek silver ball is let loose and begins to clang against the bumpers and glass. While racking up points, it makes its way down to the flippers where your fingers hover over the buttons ready for action. Once they make contact, they pave the way for that instant skill shot! Euphoria flooding all senses, you’re now tapping and swaying in perfect time with every clank and jangle to the rhythm of a familiar old song and dance of pure unadulterated bliss and utter defeat.

The Pinball Museum of Corbin, set for its grand opening at 1 p.m. August 1, will offer more than just the memories of days gone by; it allows you to experience them all over again.

Jim Bruso, the owner of Sweeties Ice Cream and Game King - which just hosted its re-grand opening on Monday after being under renovation, is adding another business to his downtown Corbin establishments. The Pinball Museum will be located at 111 North Main Street.

Instead of using quarters to play, adults just pay $15 and children 10 years and under pay $13 for admission. All day “play and go as you please” passes are also available for $20.

So, take a step out of reality and become a Jedi and fight the Sith with one of our “Star Wars” machines, or fight off Shredder’s foot soldiers with our 2020 “TMNT” machine. At the same time, face your nightmares against “Freddy Krueger” and jam your way to the top high score on our 2021 “Guns-N-Roses” machine.

Planned hours of operation are: 2-9 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 2-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 1-8 p.m. Sunday and closed Tuesday.

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