KNOX COUNTY — A new jury trial date has been set for later this year for a Corbin couple facing abuse charges involving their 10-year-old child, with a hearing scheduled for next month to determine whether either parent will be allowed visitation rights.

Mark A. Golden, 47, and Donna Golden, 52, appeared together Friday in Knox Circuit Court for a pretrial conference, where prosecutors asked that a trial date be set for the case. With no objections from defense attorneys, Judge Michael Caperton scheduled a Sept. 10 trial date.

Trial dates have been continued on at least two previous occasions during the lifespan of the case.

A final pretrial conference has also been set for Sept. 5 at 9 a.m.

Though the pair is currently out on bond, conditions placed on them as part of their release is to not have any contact with the child involved in the alleged incident or their siblings. However, requests were made during Nov. 2, 2018, and Dec. 7, 2018, court appearances to allow the pair to receive visitation with the children, though Judge Caperton denied to grant the request both times despite a family court judge having ruled to allow Donna Golden supervised visitation at the discretion of the Department of Community Based Services.

Instead, Judge Caperton said that he wanted to hold a hearing with a therapist who had been meeting with the alleged victim and its siblings to allow the therapist to provide testimony to the court. He said that he would entertain granting visitation after the hearing.

A hearing was held in February, though no ruling was made concerning visitation. Mark Golden’s attorney, David Hoskins, confirmed in March that to decision was made because the therapist was not present for the hearing.

Hoskins again returned to the visitation issue during Friday’s proceedings, reminding the court of the outcome of the previous hearing and requesting that another be set to potentially allow the pair to see their children. Judge Caperton complied with the request, scheduling another hearing for Aug. 2 at 12 p.m., noting that he will likely issue a summons to help ensure that the hearing is able to be held.

Prosecutors have objected to allowing either parent visitation.

Mark Golden was arrested Aug. 28, 2018, after Kentucky State Police were dispatched to assist social workers during a home visit to the Golden’s residence following a complaint from officials at the child’s school regarding marks found on his body. According to police, he child had multiple marks on his face and back, as well as bruises on his arms.

A recorded interview was conducted with Mark Golden, in which he allegedly admitted to police as being the person who caused the child’s injuries. Mark Golden allegedly told police that he disciplined the child with the use of a belt, his hands and sometimes a towel.

There had allegedly been multiple incidents that caused the child’s injuries, with the most recent occurring two days before social services and police were contacted. There were also three other children in the home during the time that the incidents took place. All four children were removed from the home by social services. Mark Golden was placed under arrest and jailed in the Knox County Detention Center.

Mark Golden was indicted in connection to the incident in September 2018, charging him with first-degree criminal abuse. Donna Golden was also indicted on charges of first-degree criminal abuse for allegedly knowing about the alleged abuse but not doing anything to stop it.

Both remain out on bond.

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