CORBIN — Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announced on May 6 a Kroger drive-thru testing site was coming to Corbin. Early data from the Office of Public Affairs Commonwealth of Kentucky Cabinet shows that close to 1,000 people were tested in Corbin.

It was initially announced that Corbin’s Kroger testing site would be held at Lynn Camp High School. Soon after that announcement the Whitley County Health Department clarified stating the site would be set up at the Corbin Arena instead.

Individuals that wanted to have the test done could visit the state’s website at and even sign up there to receive a time slot.

"Corbin, we need a lot more signups," said the Governor on May 9. "This is an area where we haven't had a lot of testing, and we need to make sure that we know the spread of this in the area."

During Beshear’s May 10th press conference he continued urging more people to sign up for the free COVID-19 testing in Corbin.

“We still have 150 spots in Corbin,” the Governor said. “The slots in Corbin are not filling up fast enough. This is an area where we need more tests and there haven’t been enough tests. You can sign up now. You can get that slot now. Please do.”

Kroger conducted tests from 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. May 12-14. Data from Susan Dunlap, Executive Director of the Office of Public Affairs Commonwealth of Kentucky Cabinet, shows that just under 1,000 individuals were tested.

Dunlap reported the following numbers to the Times-Tribune — May 12: 357 people tested, May 13: 303 people tested and May 14: 324 people tested.

Many of those tested in Corbin took to social media sharing their experience and encouraging others to get tested as well.

Upon arrival at the Corbin Arena individuals in their vehicles were greeted by members of the National Guard, asking those getting tested to remain in their vehicle with their windows up. Individuals first went to a registration tent where they only cracked their window slightly to slip a form of identification out the window. They were also asked for a copy of their online registration confirmation.

The next tent verified all the information again and provided the individual with information about the test, information about test resits and tissues. There was National Guard presence at each tent and all across the property as well as city and state police presence.

The last tent also verified identity and slowly explained to the individual being tested about the self-administration of the test. Each individual being tested inserted a swab inside each nostril and held it there for several seconds and then turned it around, getting a good specimen. Once that was completed the swab was dipped into the container full of solution, capped and returned to the tester.

After the test, the individual was given hand sanitizer and a mask and told to expect results within 48-72 hours.

Most individuals received results in a timely manner and seemed to agree that the process wasn’t painful but more uncomfortable.

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