Moonbow Nights returning with variety in music

Lauren & the Howlers are from Tazewell, Tennessee, and typically play around the Knoxville area, but they did record some of their album at Middle Fidelity in downtown Corbin. | Photo Contributed

CORBIN — Moonbow Nights returns this weekend and the popular free music series will have a new sound to it.

Downtown Manager Aaron Sturgill is giving the people what they want and that is a variety in music. First in the summer lineup is Lauren & the Howlers along with Rosemont Garden.

After talking with community members and leaders, Sturgill has scheduled acts in all genres and he plans to see what music the community responds to most.

He has arranged for a rock genre night, Bluegrass, Americana/folk and a country night. However Sturgill is most excited about August 17, which will showcase the Americana/folk genre bands Kites and grammy award winning artist John Paul White, formerly of The Civil Wars. Sturgill said he’s been working on getting this combination since November. Sturgill and his wife are fans of both.

This season’s Moonbow Nights is the first that Sturgill has fully been able to take the reigns on. Aside from a variety in music, he’s added the opportunity to purchase a Moonbow Night concert T-Shirt.

“Growing up myself, I would go to concerts often and I’m a bit of a T-shirt connoisseur anyway,” said Sturgill. “But I know that a lot of people who do go to concerts like to have that so I figured why not make that with all the bands on it.”

Sturgill said Moonbow Nights is financially a pretty big undertaking and he’s hoping the T-shirt sales will be a good way to generate some revenue. The cost for the shirts will be $20 and can only be purchased with cash.

Sturgill will rotate breweries this year and strive for more food truck participation as well as hope to bring in restaurant participation from area businesses.

“A lot of people tend to mention how we tend to bring in outside people that are getting revenue and taking away revenue,” Sturgill added.

To combat that he has invited area restaurants to give him a limited menu that he will have on hand at his booth to put in to-go orders for people. So far Sturgill has been met with mixed feedback.

“I’d love to see more participation from our area restaurants and businesses, and get them involved at our events,”

Lauren & the Howlers playing this Saturday are from Tazewell, Tennessee and typically play around the Knoxville area but they did record some of their album at Middle Fidelity in downtown Corbin. Lauren Beeler describes the band as having an alternative vibe with some 90s girl rock sounds.

Playing the same night is Rosemont Garden and Beeler describes them as having a southern rock sound. Beeler said she’s been in contact with the band for almost a year now and is thrilled to finally have the opportunity to play at the same venue together.

Lauren & the Howlers are booked through the summer with the exception of one weekend and have shows all across the southeast.

Moonbow Nights will kick off at 5 p.m. in Nibroc Park this Saturday.

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