Michael Adams defeats Heather French Henry in Secretary of State race

Michael Adams

Republican Michael Adams has claimed the Secretary of State position Tuesday, with a win over Heather French Henry.

Adams has served as an election law professional his entire adult life.

Adams grew up working-class in Paducah, and he attended public school and was the first to get a bachelor's degree in his family. He went on to become a McConnell Scholar at the University of Louisville then attending Harvard Law School on low income aid.

Adams now has a national Republican election law practice where he represents Vice President Mike Pence, the Republican Governors Association, the National Federation of Republican Women and many conservative candidates and organizations.

Adams ran on his election experience as opposed to Henry who had none.

Adams said if elected he wanted to firstly implement a photo ID requirement in Kentucky elections, which currently is not required by law. He called not requiring a photo ID at the polls "a glaring loophole in our law".

Secondly, he wants to clean up Kentucky's voter rolls.

"When you combine a lack of photo ID requirement with voter rolls with hundreds of thousands of people who shouldn't be on them, that's a perfect recipe for election fraud," he said.

Adams said he served for a year and a half on the state board of elections and concluded he could not fix the problems unless he became the chief election official.

Recently the current Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes has had investigations concerning allegations of improper access to voter records and Adams thought the only way to start with a clean slate was to elect a Republican to the office.

"It's a sore time in this office's history," he said. "If there's any one office that has to be above suspicion and reproach, it's this one because whoever runs our elections has to be seen as objective, fair and neutral and Kentuckians don't feel that way."

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