London business owner giving back to community

Photo by Nita Johnson

Cheap gas prices brought out hundreds of people to the Spur Oil #7 on North Laurel Road on Friday. The huge response to lower gas prices resulted in the business selling out of gas several times last week, but business zoomed again once supplies were refurbished.

LONDON — The trying times facing Kentuckians is being offset by one Laurel County businessman.

Ronnie Messer, owner of Spur Oil #7 on North Laurel Road, said he wanted to give back to the community - and is doing so by offering gasoline at a cheaper rate than other gas stations.

The Spur Oil #7 is currently selling its gasoline at 99 cents per gallon - a rate that slashes even the lowest prices offered in the London by nearly half. That service has left the business with long lines at the gas pumps and quite often, drained the supply available.

Ashley Brown, shift manager, said the business has depleted its supply of gas several times over the past week due to the large demand by consumers.

"We've actually run out of gas a few times but we have a gas truck that runs regularly," Brown said. "We even have people lined up who wait on the gas truck to come."

Brown said Messer said he wanted to give back to the community as many people have lost their jobs as the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the country.

"He said he wanted to give back to the community," she said.

That sharp decrease in gas prices has brought in customers from all over.

"It's been wild, even on night shift," she said. "There have been some people who haven't acted nice because they didn't want to wait in line. But overall, most people are very appreciative."

Brown said Messer took over operations at the Spur Oil #7 in July 2019. The business offers a variety of items including some freshly prepared food.

"We're only doing carry-out now, like we were told to do," she said. "And we'll keep selling gas for 99 cents as long as he (Messer) tells us to."

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